Events23 November 2017

The Romania you never knew – an EPIC society

Epic Society is the universal definition of friendship and togetherness for those who share the same beliefs

Epic Society

Epic Society

If you want to feel like you belong to the places you visit, they need to dazzle you and then accept you for who you really are. They need to absorb you in their particularities, to the point you really believe you’re the missing link that unites that whole grand ensemble. It’s sort of a foster family that surprises you with its unconditional love.

Epic Society is the universal definition of friendship and togetherness for those who share the same beliefs.  It’s a far-away place you can always call home, because, regardless of where you’re from, happiness is universal.  Epic strives to push forward the unexpected.  It’s so much more than just good music and beautiful faces.  It’s about the sincerity in people’s eyes the moment you first meet and the life-long connection that follows. 

You are never a simple stranger for Epic Society, you become one of their own the first moment you walk in the club. We’re talking about that jaw-dropping wow factor for the soul and the memories you create here. It’s the same feeling you get surrounded by your close one, because, in the end, “the epics” become part of the same category.  

 After all this, if melancholy kicks in when you get back home, it means you were truly dazzled. It means you felt and became EPIC!

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  • 112 - Apeluri de urgenta (Nr. unic de urgenta)
  • 118932 - Informatii numere de telefon
  • 1958 - Ora exacta
  • 0256-437973 - Centrul de Informare Turistica Timisoara
  • 0256-493806 - Informatii CFR
  • 0256-493471 - Autogara Autotim Timisoara
  • 0256-493639 - Aeroportul International Timisoara
  • 0256-220835 - Oficiul Registrul Comertului
  • 0256-408300 - Primaria Timisoara
  • 0256-493694 - Consiliul Judeţean Timis
  • 0256-493393 - Timpark ( N. Titulescu 10- ADP)
  • 0256-402703 - Politia rutiera
  • 0256-246112 - Politia locală


  • Radio Taxi - 0256-940
  • Euro Taxi - 0256-941
  • Pro Taxi - 0256-942
  • Fan Taxi - 0256-944
  • Tudo Taxi - 0256-945
  • Autogen Taxi - 0256-988


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