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Elis Pavaje – the story of Romanian inventiveness

Elis Pavaje is a multi-million Euro business, built in time through the perseverance and inventiveness of a small family from Transylvanian

Elis Pavaje

Elis Pavaje

Communist Romania was not an admirer of pavements. Maybe their bourgeois aspect made the Communist leaders completely exclude the product from the urban landscape. Concrete, cement and asphalt: these were the main elements of communist constructions. Even after 1990, along with the establishment of democracy, no one would have guessed that pavements would become a successful business in Romania. Probably many people did not even know what a pave was and how it was produced. Well, surprisingly enough, a couple from the Alba County felt the potential of pavements, and after a visit to some friends in Germany, they returned to Romania with an important souvenir: two paves.

This happened around the year 1992, and the mission of the two innovators was to reproduce the paves they had just brought back. Here, the typical Romanian inventiveness steps in. Having nothing but an idea, Sâmza Goţa, the initiator of the business, bought a press used in a paper mill for vulcanization, and manually modified it for the production of paves. The amount was small (6 square meters/day), but it was an important beginning. With its help, the Goța family managed to pave their yard and slowly but surely to also start getting external contracts, mainly with local authorities.

Contracts then started to increase as pavements gradually being reintegrated into the Romanian urban landscape. Thus, the handcraft press was replaced by a semi-automatic machine in 1995 and then by an automatic one in 2005. Also, the courtyard of the house became insufficient for production, which is why Elis Pavaje opened in 1999 the first factory of the three it currently owns. Thus, from the 6 square meters of pavement produced per day in 1992, the company reached 15,000 square meters/day in 2018; from a family of employees at the start, Elis Pavements now has 380 employees and from RON 0 and an idea, the company is now a multi-million Euro business. As Mr. Goța used to say, anything that is started must be completed no matter what. This seems to have been successfully applied in the case of the Goța family and their businesses.    


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