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Port Cultural Cetate

Cetate (The Citadel) Cultural Harbour, sanctuary for a long forgotten taste

Events | Wednesday 23 January

There is a village called Cetate, situated at the crossroads of Calafat and Turnu Serverin towns, here the respect for nature and for the other being is kept safely in all the surrounding details, here Mircea Dinescu, a...

Vinul lui Dinescu - Port Cultural Cetate

Taste with ”the scent” of poetry - Dinescu's wine from Cetate (The Citadel) Cultural Harbor

Events | Tuesday 22 January

If you want to find the place where angels descend on Earth and where nature reins free on the banks of the Danube River between Calafat and Turnu Severin area, you may find at Cetate (The Citadel) Cultural Harbor the remaining...

Corbii de Piatră (The Stone Ravens) Monastery

Corbii de Piatră (The Stone Ravens) Monastery –a rupestrian ensemble full of history and mystery, a unique place in Romania

Places of interest, Itineraries | Monday 21 January

In the village Corbi from Argeș County – the native place of the Corvin bloodline – in a space as if depicted from another world, there is an age-old place of worship built into the rock

Ema del Mar - Arad

Ema del Mar – discover the perfect taste of the Mediterranean cuisine in Arad

Events | Sunday 20 January

Ema del Mar - the restaurant specializes in an exceptional dish offer made from fish, seafood, Black Angus beef and why not, vegetarian dishes

Atheneum Bucharest

Bucharest, from the beginnings till nowadays

Places of interest | Saturday 19 January

A Little History Legend says that a shepherd named Bucur settled with his sheep in a fertile plain, close to a river and founded a dwelling – which is now known as Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

Daniel Dorobanțu and his first Tales of Myths concert in Cluj-Napoca

Daniel Dorobanțu and his first Tales of Myths concert in Cluj-Napoca

Events | Saturday 19 January

“But what lays now between us, clarified in fire, is a golden branch, which will shine on itself, apart from time.” - Mihail Sadoveanu

Domeniul Bogdan

Roze Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 from Bogdan Domain –a biodynamic wine winner of the gold medal

Events | Friday 18 January

At the International Biological Wine Competition, Milessime BIO 2018, the first Romanian producer to develop biodynamic viticulture, wins the grand prize

Brânzoaice - Moldavia

"Poale-n brâu" - a delicious Moldavian traditional recipe

Local products | Thursday 17 January

"Poale-n brâu" or brânzoaicele is a delicious Romanian traditional recipe. These soft cakes filled with cheese are considered the emblem of the Moldavian cuisine

The Endless Column

The Endless Column of Constantin Brancusi - Targu Jiu

Places of interest | Wednesday 16 January

The Endless Column - more than forty years of research to find the perfect balance and perspective

Recaș Wine Cellars

The Recaș Wine Cellars - the wine from Recaș, Made in Banat

Events | Tuesday 15 January

Situated in the heart of Banat Region, at 24 km from Timisoara, the city of Recaș hosts on its fields one of the oldest vineyard from the Western part of Romania with a documentary attestation dating back to 1447

The Cantacuzino Palace in Bucharest

The Cantacuzino Palace in Bucharest, an European cultural heritage

Places of interest | Monday 14 January

The Memorial House of "George Enescu"

The Aragosta Restaurant, Timisoara

The Aragosta Restaurant – savor the Italian gastronomy in a warm welcoming atmosphere

Events | Sunday 13 January

The Aragosta Restaurant , offers Italian and international dishes in which the clarity of aromas and the contemporary Italian technique perfectly intertwine with the kitchen staff’s dynamics and creativity

Maramures - a world between traditional and SPA

Maramures - a perfect marriage between the traditional world and the concept of Wellness SPA

Places of interest, Itineraries | Saturday 12 January

Visit Maramures, a place where the beauty of rural life combines with the comfort of the sumptuous hotels

Aramic Wine Cellars, the Buzias - Silagiu vineyard

Wine with the flavor of the history - Aramic Wine Cellars, the Buzias - Silagiu vineyard

Events | Friday 11 January

On the Western part of Romania at 5 km from Buzias city and 40 km from Timisoara may be found Aramic Wine Cellars, situated in the village of Silagiu, it is a young wine cellar, founded in 2015 with European funds. It proved that...

Rawdia Restaurant - Bucharest

The most popular vegan restaurants in Bucharest that can satisfy the tastes of those wishing vegetarian, natural, healthy and nourishing foods

Places of interest | Thursday 10 January

In Bucharest there are not too many vegetarian restaurants, however, there are a few that stand out and can be highly recommended

Wine circuit in Banat

Wine circuit in Banat

Events | Wednesday 09 January

The Banat is a region that fully enjoys the influence of the Mediterranean climate, which makes the hills in this predominantly plain area extremely suitable for the production of wine

The Tea House of Queen Mary - Bran Castle

The Tea House of the Queen Mary, at the foot of the Bran Castle, a real attraction for tourists

Places of interest, Itineraries | Tuesday 08 January

Bran Castle, the most famous tourist attraction in Romania, in particular because of the bloody legend of Count Dracula, annually attracts thousands of tourists from around the world, fascinated by the stories of vampires, but...

Roşia Montană

Roşia Montană - waiting to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list

Places of interest, Itineraries | Monday 07 January

A place full of riches: both concrete and spiritual

La Riviera Restaurant - Dumbravita

La Riviera Restaurant – delight your senses with the rare flavors of dishes that no longer need any presentation

Events | Sunday 06 January

La Riviera Restaurant - offers a refined flavor experience in a relaxing and stylish atmosphere that bears the signature of the master chef Sorin Ienciu, which sows in each preparation a kernel of passion that rises through a...

Băbească Neagră - Nicoreşti Vineyard, Galaţi county

The traditional Romanian wine, old and new varieties: Băbească Neagră, a simple and honest wine, unadulterated by experiments

Local products, Places of interest | Saturday 05 January

Băbească Neagră along with Fetească Neagră is part of the traditional Romanian varieties that have heroically resisted to the competition of the red grapes brought from abroad




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