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Talking to profesionals: Interview with Ph. D. Ioan Nămoloșanu (Part II)

”The wine is produced with talent and with love you will sell it.”

Vinvest 2019

Vinvest 2019

 The XVIth edition of Vinvest and the XIVth edition of the National Contest of Wines and Alcoholic Beverages are two major events from the Western part of Romania concerning the wine and it takes place at Timisoara. Here the most important experts from Romania came to Timisoara to decide the best 2019 wine. We are talking with Ph. D. Ioan Nămoloșanu.

- How is the competition? How many wine samples were analized?

In the competition were registered producers, not all of whom are present at the Salon but they want to find the verdict about their wine. Judging is carried out on several criteria noted by experts on a scale of 1-100. During the last two days, over 100 samples of wine were analyzed.

You”raised” a few generations of experts from the wine industry, what is your favorite part from your job?

A lot of people would think that the wine tasting is my favorite part. Yes, wine tasting is the favorite until you have to say the verdict and sometimes it is like during a judicial process. It is interesting to listen and to see the truth but when it is time to say it, it may be sometimes uncomfortable. I think the wine making process is the most interesting part because apart from other products the wine must have what we call personality. The wine is like a human being and the personality is what we call particularity, that something special that the consumer is looking for and as wine maker you can add that personality to the wine, it requires talent.

What would you recommend to the small wine cellars at the beginning of this endeavor?

Well, from the very beginning I would not recommend to be ready for the profit. I would say that if there isn’t passion or dedication for this industry, they shouldn’t make any investments because, unfortunately, just with hard work and dedication on this industry you can achieve profit. I am referring not only to the small investors but also to the big investors, they also have difficulties. We are also asking this question abroad and it never happed that someone smile and be satisfied, not even in France, South Africa or Oltenia.

When buying wine at what should the wine consumer pay attention to?

First at all I don’t buy cheap food products, the price is important even in Romania, in other countries is more adequate. After a certain value in the price of the wine is added not just the inner value but also its cultural value. There are wine cellars with outstanding wines but in a cleaver way they did excellent advertising work in limited edition that is selling with a considerable amount of money. Other detail consumer should pay attention is the label and the anti – label. There are important details apart from the “stories” that tells you about the wine quality: geographic indications, designation of origin, the alcohol content, the sugar content, the region, the variety of the grapes and the wine.

What is differet in the Western part of Romania concerning the wine production?

I belive that the Westen part of the Romania is characterized by a smaller number of vineyards but those are giving high – quality wines or at least well known trade - marks and the consumption is bigger than the production so it is a very suitable place for selling and this National and International Wine Salon is well received here.

- What is your favorite wine?

I would say that the colour doensn’t matter, it does matter how important the wine is to your soul. The wine represent the pleasure of beeing togheter with your friends, it is the most recent and dear memory of the soul. I belive my favorite wine is allways the last wine I tasted. 


Thank you for this interview and gook luck!  

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Alina Mafa




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