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Equestrian tourism in Măcinului Mountains

Equestrian tourism in Măcinului Mountains, the most ancient mountain formation from Romania

Places of interest, Itineraries | Tuesday 13 April

Măcin Mountains, the oldest mountains of Dobrogea, eroded by passing of hundreds of million years, are guarding the area between Danube Delta and Black Sea, waiting tourists to discover their splendor

Casa Capşa - Bucharest

„Casa Capşa”- an aristocratic place of the "Little Paris" in the interwar

Places of interest | Monday 12 April

A literary café of the postwar bohemian artists society, a heritage monument and a luxury place of the Bucharest of today

Curtea de Arges Monastery

Curtea de Arges Monastery - an impressive historical monument with a legendary aura

Places of interest | Sunday 11 April

Founded by the ruler Neagoe Basarab, the monastery located in Curtea de Argeș (one of the oldest Wallachian settlements), is a true architectural masterpiece

Festival of Hearts

Banat means a mixture of cultures, traditions and legends

Events, Places of interest | Saturday 10 April

Timisoara is an active city from the cultural point of view, with over 60 events per year organized by prestigious institutions and cultural brands.

Le Château - Bucharest

Le Château - the most luxurious and spectacular events centre, in the middle of Bucharest

Places of interest | Friday 09 April

In the Alba Iulia Square area, in the centre of the capital, it was created a space that can rival with the interiors of the old castles, with the ballrooms of the epoch, decorated with taste and refinement, but also with...

The Russian Church in Bucharest

The Russian Church in Bucharest - a monument of the Russian religious art, unique in Romania, one of the last religious buildings of the Tsar Nicholas II of Russia

Places of interest | Thursday 08 April

The Russian Church raises with haughtiness its seven majestic domes, near the University of Bucharest

Stairs to the Citadel - Sighisoara

Sighişoara Citadel – the only medieval citadel in the world that is still inhabited

Places of interest, Itineraries | Wednesday 07 April

Little has changed here over the past 8 centuries, but everything has maintained in perfect condition. A window on medieval life, a romantic place with narrow streets and charming houses – all of these make Sighişoara a city rich...

Pancove - the Romanian Donuts

Pancove or Romanian Donuts Recipe

Local products | Tuesday 06 April

A delicious Romanian dessert that can rival with the most sophisticated restaurant desserts

The Castle Ţepeş, Bucharest

Historical monument, medieval architectural jewel, the „The Ţepeş Castle” mysteriously rises among the trees of Carol Park in Bucharest, bringing with it a history of over 100 years

Places of interest | Monday 05 April

A godforsaken edifice, located on Candiano Popescu street, the „Water Castle - Ţepeş Tower” saddened waiting to be recognized and admired

Happy Easter 2019!!!

Happy Easter! Have a Blessed and Joyfull Easter!

Events | Sunday 04 April

The editorial staff of Imperial Transilvania wishes all readers a HAPPY and PEACEFUL EASTER !!!

The Tailors' Bastion - Cluj Napoca

The Tailors’ Bastion of Cluj-Napoca

Places of interest | Saturday 03 April

The only remaining bastion of the former 18 that made up the fortification of the medieval Citadel Castrum Clus was built in the 15th century with funds provided by the Tailors’ Guild

Panemar shop - Cluj Napoca

Panemar –bread with a soul/bread with a soul

Business, Places of interest | Friday 02 April

Panemar is a company founded in Cluj-Napoca that has become one of the most popular local brands. The products are of a very high standard and they are sold in a warm and welcoming environment

Romanian Athenaeum - Bucarest

Romanian Athenaeum: an universal heritage and an architectural jewel in the heart of Bucharest

Places of interest | Thursday 01 April

Romanian Athenaeum is a Romanian symbol of art, culture and spirituality. Work of the French architect Albert Galleron, built in the late 19th century, the building impress by the architectural style, but also by the interior...

Tohani Domains - Dealu Mare

Tohani Domains, the wine as a love story

Events | Wednesday 31 March

Romanian terroir and African experience, exceptional Romanian wines

Marcel Iureş

Marcel Iureş - one of the few successful Romanian actors in Hollywood

Events | Tuesday 30 March

Marcel Iureş is one of the most appreciated Romanian international actors. He was born on August the 2nd 1951 in Băileşti, Dolj County, and spent the first years of his life in a village called Amzuleşti, 12 kilometers from...

Stuffed capon with brioches and oranges - Zexe Zahana Restaurant, Bucharest

Zexe, the unique restaurant of “zahana” type in Bucharest

Places of interest, Traditions | Monday 29 March

A restaurant that lures you with “boyar’s goodies” and recipes from remote times

Cobia Monastery

Cobia Monastery - situated in the southwestern part of Dambovita County, distinguished by its exterior decoration, the monastery is a one of a kind historical monument

Places of interest | Sunday 28 March

The Monastery of Cobia Town has in its patrimony a string of four small churches, dated back to the end of the 18th century, true gems made of treated wood, which have been preserved until today

Vlad Tepes

Vlad III Basarab, Prince of Wallachia

Traditions, Places of interest | Saturday 27 March

Prince Vlad III Basarab, or Vlad the Impaler as he was called by the Turks because of the penalty of impaling applied to the enemy, while by the Romanians was called Vlad "Drăculea", which in Romanian medieval language meant son...

Timişoreana Beer - Timisoara

Timişoreana Beer – the traditional brand of the city

Local products, Business, Places of interest | Friday 26 March

The oldest brewery in Romania has almost 300 years

The Annunciation of our Lord to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Blagoveștenia – the Lady Day and the annunciation of the birth of Jesus

Traditions | Thursday 25 March

The Annunciation of our Lord to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Romanian tradition




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