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Furniture made from lace - the secret of an authentic ambience

A furniture designer that rejects the modern lines we are used to and adopts dreamy, romantic shapes that stimulate the imagination

Lace Furniture made by Silvia Junjan

Lace Furniture made by Silvia Junjan

It was the idea of a 54 year-old woman from the city of Satu Mare, accountant by profession, who loves to knit and make lace. While surfing the internet one day, to find vest and hat models, Silvia Junjan came across images of Marcel Wandres’ Crochet collection and decided that she could create such pieces as well. What came out was a very interesting and puzzling creation.

The first time you see the furniture, you wonder what sustains it. It is see-through and made of lace, so how can it support heavy objects or the weight of the human body? The secret is that Silvia uses good quality resin imported from abroad, which she uses to harden the material. She first creates a model from cardboard, places the lace over it, which she then treats with the resin. And there is no need to worry that the furniture isn’t sturdy enough, because she has received a quality certificate that is internationally recognized.

But she didn’t come up with this method overnight. She experimented and destroyed a lot of lace in her attempts. But her relentlessness finally paid off as she discovered a technique that was perfect for her purpose. 

She worked abroad and saved the money in order to invest in the necessary materials. She learned everything by herself and found her own way of realizing her dream. And now she is confident enough to try out a wide variety of new models. 

Her love for knitting goes back a long way, to when she was a young girl. She was born in a village in Salaj County and learned how to knit from her grandmother. She says that back then, girls used to make curtains, towels and ornaments from lace. There was no internet or television, and so, in the evening, the women would spin while the girls would knit.

Silvia was very much inspired by her two daughters, both arts majors, who helped out with valuable advice. One of them is now a successful painter living in London.

Now she has decided to turn her passion into a business venture. The prices would range from € 80 for a lamp to € 4800 for a set containing two armchairs, a table and a console with mirror. They might seem a bit steep, but considering how much time and expensive materials go into the creation process, they are probably justified.


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