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Curtea Berarilor Timișoreana - Timisoara

The Brewers Court Timișoreana - the perfect atmosphere to enjoy Timisoreana beer, slightly fruity and full of freshness, which conquers you with its authenticity


The Brewers Court Timișoreana - choose the perfect setting where you will spend wonderful hours with friends in front of beer mugs and special appetizing dishes

Minis Vineyard - Adronic Wine Cellar

The heritage of Minis Vineyard - Adronic Wine Cellar


A young wine with history flavor and ambitious landlords

The Blue Lagoon - Aghiresu, Cluj Napoca County

The Blue Lagoon of Aghireşu - a jewel of nature in the heart of Transylvania

Places of interest

A lake created by the joint effort of man and nature, whose colour and sand make one feel like being at the Mediterranean

Amandina Cake

Amandina Cake – the original recipe

Local products

Amandina has been very popular in Romanian confectioneries since the 1960s. They have a specific taste of caramel, cocoa and rum that we have grown to love

The “Piatra Scrisă” or the Engraved Rock Monastery

“Piatra Scrisă” (Engraved Rock) Monastery: one of the most interesting places in Romania

Places of interest

On the national road, somewhere near Caransebes City, a church carved out of rock is located. The locals believe its story to be a miracle...

Murfatlar Wines

Murfatlar Wines - discover the golden beverage of Dobrogea

Places of interest

The high quality of the wines produced at the Murfatlar Vineyard is due to the history and tradition of wine production in the Dobrogea Region

Bucharest - he most beautiful terraces overlooking the lake

The most beautiful terraces in Bucharest overlooking the lake - oases of coolness, tranquility and relaxation in the summer

Places of interest

If you are in Bucharest in a hot summer day, do not hesitate to choose one of the terraces close to the water, thus benefiting of the lake's magnificent breeze

Colibita, Bistrita Valley, Transylvania

Colibita resort or the paradise in Bistrita Valley - the place where the ozone concentration is similar to the one in the Alps

Places of interest

A place in the heart of Transylvania of an overwhelming natural beauty - at an altitude of 800 meters, immersed in a miraculous landscape, somewhere between the Bargau and the Calimani mountains

Viile Metamorfosis Wine Cellar - Dealu Mare

Viile Metamorfosis, the Italian investment in Dealu Mare and the Antinori experience


Premium organic wines, the taste of a unique terroir

St. Michael's Church - Cluj Napoca

"St. Michael’s" Church in Cluj-Napoca

Places of interest

One of the most beautiful gothic buildings in Romania

Kendeffy Castle - Sântămăria Orlea, Hunedoara County

Noble Transylvanian families and their lavish residences: Kendeffy Family

Places of interest

This old family used to own some of the most beautiful edifices in Transylvania which have now become historical monuments

Ialomița Cave and Ialomița Monastery, Bucegi Mountains

Ialomița Cave and Ialomița Monastery - a perfect symbiosis between nature and spirit, an important tourist attraction in the Bucegi Mountains

Places of interest

Cave and monastery in the same place full of beneficent energies and natural beauties

Coandă 1910 by Henri Coandă

Henri Coanda - a Romanian inventor who built the first jet aircraft in the world

Places of interest

"Coandă 1910", "Lenticular Aerodyne", "Coandă 1916" are just some of the projects of the man who was the inventor Coandă Effect

Smoked Shank with Beans - a Romanian traditional plate

Smoked pork shank with beans, one of the most delicious traditional Romanian dishes

Local products

This gastronomic specialty is never missing from the tables of the Romanians, especially for the country's national day

Lunca Poganisului - The Mottled Tulip

Lunca Pogănișului– a protected area in Banat

Places of interest

The mottled tulip, the village of Berini and other wonders ... just a few steps from Timisoara

Ghighiu Monastery, Ploiesti

Ghighiu Monastery - a benefic space, a place of pilgrimage and introspection near Ploiesti

Places of interest

Built four centuries ago, in the middle of Codrii Vlasiei, the monastery attracts visitors from the entire country, being renowned for its miracle-working icon and for its healing water spring

Christ the Redeemer

The face of one of the Seven Wonders of the modern world.

Places of interest

Gheorghe Leonida - the Romanian sculptor who gave the face of the symbol of Brazil.

Cheia Monastery, Ciucas Mountains

Cheia Monastery - a national monument of ecclesiastical art located at the foot of Ciucas Mountains, between the Tampa and Cheita streams, against a magnificent natural background

Places of interest

Situated at an altitude of 897 m, on the border that once separated Wallachia from Transylvania, the monastery was a means of connection for the Romanians on both sides of the Carpathians




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