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Soveja resort, Vrancea

Soveja resort - "Pearl of Vrancea", a healing place surrounded by mountains and pine and fir forests that purify and enrich with ozone the air

Places of interest

“Pe-un picior de plai/ pe-o gură de rai” "Near a low foothill / At Heaven’s doorsill" - this is the wonderful place where Alecu Russo discovered the Ballad Mioriţa

Jelna Wine Cellar - Transylvania

Jelna Wine Cellar, the spirit of Transylvanian lands


Jelna – Lechința Wine, refinement and tradition

The Marmorosch Hotel, Bucharest

Rediscovering Elegance: Hotel Marmorosch's Storied Journey through Time

Places of interest

How a historic building in Bucharest became a 5-star hotel that celebrates the legacy of the Marmorosch Blank Bank

Kulpen Winery, Transylvania

Kulpen Winery – Culpiu Vineyard


Lechința Wine, the wine of the emperors

St. Andrew's Night

Discover Romanian customs and traditions in St Andrew's Night


The night of St. Andrew, when people have to defend themselves from the ghosts and demons, through apotropaic acts and gestures

The Blue Ceramics of Saschiz, Transylvania

Reviving Traditional Craftsmanship: The Blue Ceramics of Saschiz

Places of interest

An Exploration of Pottery and Sgraffito Technique in the Heart of Târnava Mare

Little croissants with Turkish delight, jam or marmalade

Little croissants with Turkish delight, jam or marmalade

Local products

A traditional improved and reinterpreted recipe, a dessert that melts into your mouth

”Trovanţii” or "the living stones" of Bozioru, in Buzau District

”Trovanţii” or "the living stones" of Bozioru, in Buzau District, between legend and truth

Places of interest

In the "Luana’s Country" in the Buzau Mountains, the place where you can find about 29 millenary cave settlements, the nature has created mysterious petrified monuments of various bizarre shapes

Tarnița Paradise Resort, Cluj-Napoca

Discover Mountain Luxury at Tarnița Paradise Resort

Places of interest

Elegance and Relaxation in the Heart of Nature, in a Dream Destination with an Outdoor Pool Overlooking the Mountains

Boeru Domaine, the wine from Cimbrud

Boeru Domaine, the wine from Cimbrud


The vineyard with almond tree, the flavor of a noble wine, leisure and serenity in Cimbrud

Cyclotourism on "The Hills of Transylvania"

Cyclotourism in Romania - the most beautiful marked trails: "The Hills of Transylvania"

Places of interest

Over 300 km of cycling dream along a marked trails, which crosses the site "Natura 2000 the Hârtibaciu Plateau -Târnava Mare

The Miko Citadel in Miercurea-Ciuc, Harghita County

The Miko Citadel and the Szekely Museum of Ciuc

Places of interest

The Miko citadel was built between the years 1623 and 1631 by Ferenc Hidvégi Mikó (1585-1635), who was the councilor of Prince Gabriel Bethlen. Its style is late Renaissance, it spreads over a surface of 75 by 70 meters and has 4...

Ciorbărie - Romanian Cuisine in Bucharest

Savor Authentic Flavors in the Heart of Bucharest: Ciorbărie, the Hub of Traditional Romanian Cuisine

Local products

Delight Your Palate with Traditional Dishes in a Friendly, Cultural Ambiance at Ciorbărie

Buzau Pretzels

Buzau Pretzels - a successful traditional recipe

Local products

From a popular local product, Buzau pretzels grew into a national symbol

Dragomirna Monastery

The monastic complex of medieval art of Dragomirna

Places of interest

The monastic complex Dragomirna - with everything related to it as an artistic creation - marks a distinct moment in the history of the Romanian traditional arts

Burduf Cheese - Cățean Farm, Rotbav

Discover the True Taste of Tradition: Burduf Cheese from Cățean Farm in Rotbav

Local products

Cățean Farm brings the authentic joy of Burduf Cheese to every home seeking an genuine culinary experience

The railway Oraviţa - Anina - "The Semmering of Banat"

"The Semmering of Banat", the oldest mountain railway in Romania, has a spectacular route

Places of interest

The railway Oraviţa – Anina, located in the mountains of Banat in western Romania, is also called the "Semmering of Banat" for its spectacular route

Slănic Prahova Resort

Slănic Prahova Resort - an oasis of relaxation and treatment located in the Curvature of the Sub-Carpathians, in an exceptional landscape

Places of interest

Slănic Salt Mine, the second largest in Europe, the place with the purest air on the planet - an important tourist attraction

Ghica Tei Palace, Bucharest

Ghica Tei Palace - a historical monument, located on a vast domain near Lake Plumbuita in Bucharest

Places of interest

Today, the whole Ghica Domain - Ghica Palace, Wine Cellar, Gardens, Garrison, Cavalry Annexes - hosts an impressive center for cultural, social, charity events, for parties, launches, business meeting, opened to those who want...




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