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"The Semmering of Banat", the oldest mountain railway in Romania, has a spectacular route

The railway Oraviţa – Anina, located in the mountains of Banat in western Romania, is also called the "Semmering of Banat" for its spectacular route

The railway Oraviţa - Anina - "The Semmering of Banat"

The railway Oraviţa - Anina - "The Semmering of Banat"

In Caras-Severin, tourists can be part of an unforgettable experience, only in one day. All they have to do is ... to buy two tickets and ride the train. But we are not talking about an ordinary train, but one composed of an diesel-electric locomotive and two undivided carriages, with wooden benches, a railway built specially for fairy tales, in 1930. Namely, the railway Oraviţa - Anina, of which tourists say that, is the most beautiful and spectacular mountain railway in Romania.

From the spectacular route passengers can admire the mountain scenery as in fairy tales, the breathtaking beauty of nature. These are just some of the reasons why the line linking Anina to Oravita is considered the most beautiful railway not only in Romania, but also in Southeast Europe.

The railway Oraviţa - Anina, "the Semmering of Banat"

The Banat mountain railway has been dubbed "the Semmering of Banat" because it resembles the famous railway line "Semmering" in Austria. Fascinated by the beauty of the mountain path, regardless of the season, tourists have decided to name it so.

Oraviţa - Anina, the first mountain railway in Romania, worked for the first time in 1863. The railway line of "the Semmering of Banat" passes through 14 tunnels carved into the rock and ten viaducts in the mountains of Anina. Some of these galleries are among the oldest in Romania.

The railway Oraviţa - Anina has a length of 34 km, and this spectacular mountain route can be covered in about two hours. Round tickets for a train ride on the railway Oraviţa - Anina cost only 10,4 lei. The first train leaves from Oravita to Anina at 11.15 and the second parts at 13.30.


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