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The Mărțișor, a Romanian traditional gift on March 1st


The Mărțișor, the discovery of a Romanian ancient talisman

Casa Panciu

Casa Panciu – discover the authentic taste of the Romanian wine

Places of interest

Casa Panciu is a company that produces wines, juices and fruit preserves, employing only natural processes that complement the healthiness and deliciousness of the raw material


The Danube: a European symbol

Places of interest

The waters of the Danube flow mostly in Romania. From the total of 2860 km, as it has to travel the Danube from its source, or from the Black Forest of Germany, it has to flow for 1075 km only in Romania

Cezanne Restaurant, Bucharest

Cezanne Restaurant - the place where culinary art meets with the pictorial art into a new concept

Places of interest

"The Cezanne concept" belongs entirely to Cezar Munteanu, being an extension of his personality, of his chef experience and his inclination towards art

Trophaeum Traiani in Adamclisi - Dobrogea

Dobrogea, the fascinating land between Danube and Black Sea and its treasures: Trophaeum Traiani in Adamclisi, one of the most important ancient monument of Romania

Places of interest

Located in the region of Negru Vodă Plateau, 60 km south-west from Constanța, Triumph Memoriam has been raised by Trajan, the Roman Emperor, in order to glorify the Roman Victory in the fights against the Dacians in 102


Dragobetele or the Romanian Valentine’s Day


The God of love in the Romanian culture and tradition

Sweet Cornmeal Cake

Sweet Cornmeal Cake - a sweet very popular in Transylvania

Local products

A cake reminiscent of childhood and of holidays spent in the countryside

Falafel King - CuGust

Falafel King -proposes special dishes from the Middle East cuisine that suit all tastes


Next to the renowned falafel, the menu also includes other “authentic” dishes filled with flavors, diversity and personality in which the high quality ingredients are key to an outstanding taste

Toplița, Harghita Moutains

Toplița: A Fun-Filled Destination for All Seasons

Places of interest

Discover the Best of Winter and Summer Activities in Toplița, Romania

Moldovan pie: Învârtita

Moldovan pie with eggs and onions – the traditional recipe


This is a traditional Moldovan recipe called “învârtită”, which has no equivalent in English as far as the author knows. The word is a noun that comes from the past participle of “a învârti”, which means to spin, so it would...

Daiconi Wine Cellar from Minis Vineyard

Daiconi Wine Cellar from Minis Vineyard


The wine of the former gentry, crafted with passion and respect for the past

The Castle in Sâncrai

The Castle in Sâncrai – a new tourist attraction in Romania

Places of interest

The castle is located at a 30 kilometer distance from the city of Alba-Iulia, in a village called Sâncrai. After restoration, it has once again become the architectural gem that it was 200 years ago

Conacul lui Maldar

Conacul lui Maldăr - discover the most beautiful villas of once

Places of interest

Spend a night in one of the old fortified boyar residences in Oltenia and admire the beautiful Romanian countryside

El Quatro Boutique Hotel, Bucovina

El Quatro Boutique Hotel - set in a unique landscape and with luxury conditions

Places of interest

Enjoy the utmost luxury while you visit the wonders of Bucovina

La Salina Wine Cellar - Transylvania

La Salina Wine Cellar, a piece of heaven in the heart of Transylvania


Issa wines, traditional gastronomy, Transylvanian hospitality, Crama La Salina, a must see tourist attractions: Turda Salt Mine, Roman Empire Castel Potaissa, Scarisoara Glacier, Cheile Turzii Canyon salute e benessere con prodotti di qualità e consulenza personalizzata salute e benessere con prodotti di qualità e consulenza personalizzata


Nutrimind, un progetto concreto nato a Cuneo dalla volontà di colmare una lacuna nel settore del benessere.

Ada Kaleh

Ada Kaleh – The Island Covered by Danube’s Waters

Places of interest

The underwater world always fascinated the mankind. The curiosity grows especially if one knows that the ground under water was once a place full of life and people


Mocănița - a Romanian symbol brought back to life


Old forestry trains, the Mocănițe, knew their prime at the beginning of the 20th century, while after the fall of communism in Romania they slowly began to disappear. More recently, they have been reinvented, but for touristic...

Heroes’ Cross on Caraiman Peak

Heroes’ Cross on Caraiman Peak - Guinness Book of Records as the highest summit cross in the world in 2014

Places of interest

One of the most important pieces of Romanian metal architecture, along with Brancusi’s Endless Column

Romanian drink Turkish coffee

How do Romanians drink their coffee?

Local products

If you happen to be a guest in a house of Romanians, you will definitely be offered coffee. Often a reason for friendly talks and meetings, Romanian coffee is actually brewed Turkish style...




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