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The wine, God’s beverage

A good quality wine, wine criteria selection, the taste and wine tasting

The wine

The wine

The wine is an alcoholic drink, it's a medicine, it's a euphoric beverage, it's a way of feeling good with yourself, but also it is a great way to accompany the meetings between friends, it cancel inhibitions, and develop the imagination.

Since ancient times, the wine has a certain fascination but has also raised prohibitions, like any forbidden thing it deepens the mystery, heat up the imagination and awakens the curiosity. Today we find ourselves helpless in front of the shelves from the stores, assaulted by a multitude of offers. - How do we buy a good wine? - What is a good wine for us?

The wine buyer's attention should be directed first of all to the wine bottle label, which represents the wine business card. It personalizes graphically the glass, giving visual identity to the product, but it also provides accurate indications on the content. The label or packaging is the first contact of the buyer with the product and here aesthetic preferences can attract or reject a product.

The correct label reading gives the information about the wine: wine quality category (DOC), geographical origin (region, country), bottler or producer, harvest year, wine name, alcohol content, nominal volume, type of wine, official verification number, as well as the statement: "contains sulphites." Advertising or evaluation information is not allowed on the label, but information on the color of the wine or association with various dishes is accepted on a special label applied on the back of the bottle. The price of the wine is another indicator of the quality of wine for many wine consumers.

The price reflects the quality of the wine but also the investment on commercials or the production costs. The attributes of "good" or "bad" are the quality of wine, more precisely its character, which gives it uniqueness. The taste differs and the appreciation is subjective, a "good" wine pleased a few people, while a "bad" wine pleased the majority. Everyone can appreciate the wine, in a simple manner: open the bottle, taste the wine and appreciate the taste. Of course, the professional wine stores offer professional wine tasting with all the details concerning the products.

The basic criteria for wine evaluation are: the color, the smell, the texture, the sensation that the wine gives in the mouth, but beyond these technical details what really matters is not the grape variety or the type of the wine, but the sensual memories of each of us, the company and the pleasure of enjoying a glass of wine. Salvador Dali said, "Who knows how to savor, stop drinking wine, but tastes secrets."

References: Priewe, Jens – The wine, from grape to the glass, Casa Publishing House, Oradea, 2015  

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