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DroneX Pro

DroneX Pro - a drone made in Romania

Business | Wednesday 12 December

"Performance at an affordable price" this seem to be the motto of DroneX Pro, a cheap drone that some specialists consider to be the best drone in the world

Casa Iris Restaurant - Timisoara

Casa Iris Restaurant - where you can enjoy some of the best Romanian traditional dishes

Business, Places of interest | Sunday 09 December

The house specials reveal the taste and flavor of homemade meals, spiced by the staff’s originality

Simona Bişboacă - ANTIOXI VITA

ANTIOXI VITA or "the elixir of youth" - the most powerful antioxidant in the world, a fabulous discovery of a Romanian who started on the road of research and inventics

Events, Business | Saturday 08 December

Simona Bişboacă from Oradea, awarded with gold and silver in several international inventics fairs, has several patents in the food industry

Casa de la Rosa Restaurant, Timisoara

Casa de la Rosa Restaurant – an elegant location enhancing one’s senses with international cuisine dishes, in a matchless culinary experience

Events, Places of interest, Business | Sunday 02 December

Casa de la Rosa Restaurant – the menu has Romanian, Hungarian and international specials based on chicken, pork, veal, as well as fish and seafood or delicious homemade desserts

Retrievers Camp 2018 - Fagaraș County

Retrievers Camp 2018 - a different kind of trip

Places of interest, Business | Wednesday 28 November

An unusual event in Romania, the Retrievers Camp is, as the name suggests, a camp for Golden and Labrador Retrievers, where dogs of this breed and their owners can spend a few days strolling through the Fagaraș County

Casa Altringen - CuGust, Ghidul gastronomic din Banat

Casa Altringen - a delicious restaurant with a strong original imprint of the local tradition in Banat, defined by a local rustic decor that seduces even the most demanding tastes

Business, Events | Sunday 25 November

Casa Altringen - a successful family-run business, which turned an old authentic Swabian household in a jewel-like bed and breakfast with a restaurant, given their desire to share with others the joys of living in the countryside

The Soleta house

The Soleta house – not just a house, but a way of living

Business | Friday 23 November

A revolutionary type of construction that is ecofriendly and has low energy consumption was invented by a team of ingenious architects from Romania. This is all the more surprising as the ecologic concept was rather unfamiliar...

The Thesaurus winery

The Thesaurus winery – born from the passion of those who chose this beautiful corner of Banat, to create wines that are the mirror of a unique context that perfectly blends wine vocation and history, investing their knowledge in a project full of ambition

Places of interest, Business | Wednesday 21 November

The Thesaurus Winery perfectly embodies the current trend in wine production in Romania. Small wineries with a certain specificity, usually emphasizing quality over quantity

Eco tiny house

Eco Tiny House - a Romanian business for Romanians?

Business | Saturday 17 November

Eco Tiny House, a firm, or better yet a new concept emerging on the Romanian market, proposes to clients a return to the simple things both when it comes to inhabiting a home and when it comes to the way they decide to live their...

Biofresh in Timisoara - CuGust. Ghidul gastronomic din Banat

Biofresh - the only restaurant with an exclusive vegetarian and Raw Vegan menu in Timisoara

Places of interest, Business | Sunday 11 November

Biofresh - an explosion of taste and flavor in a multitude of vegetarian and RAW-Vegan dishes, plenty of freshly squeezed fruit juice shakes and an entire display of desserts without flour, dairy, gluten and sugar

Children songs on Youtube, a Romanian business

Thousand Euro business from uploading children songs on Youtube

Business | Wednesday 07 November

A Romanian couple set up a profitable business by simply adding popular Romanian children songs on Youtube. The songs are presented along with a basic animation video and people tune in by the millions


Prospero - the million Euro business of a Timisoara family

Business | Monday 05 November

From several hundred breads delivered from the back of a Dacia in the 1990s, the Bugescu family business evolved into the most successful bakery in the west of the country and maybe even in Romania

Romania registers the biggest economic growth in the European Union

Romania registers the biggest economic growth in the European Union. What are the sectors in worth investing in?

Business | Monday 29 October

According to data published by the National Institute of Statistics, Romania recorded the highest economic growth in the EU in the second quarter of this year, the progress being largely attributed to strong consumption but also...

Central and Eastern Europe, the new continental hub for investment

Central and Eastern Europe, the new continental hub for investment

Business | Thursday 25 October

The economic growth and the entrepreneurial development registered over the last few years in the Eastern part of Europe have turned the region into a magnet for investors with an eye for profit, and those who have invested here...

Elis Pavaje

Elis Pavaje – the story of Romanian inventiveness

Business | Wednesday 24 October

Elis Pavaje is a multi-million Euro business, built in time through the perseverance and inventiveness of a small family from Transylvanian

Vox Vertical village - Timisoara

Vox Vertical village - the first vertical village in Romania

Business | Thursday 18 October

The project developed by one of the largest construction companies in Romania will cost around 14 million Euros and will be launched on the market by the end of 2019


Romanian Intelligence, Romanian solutions

Business | Tuesday 16 October

TotalSoft is a Romanian company recognized at a European level as a leading software provider on several segments including leasing and specially ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Ghimbav - an ecological reconstruction near Brasov

Ecological reconstruction in Ghimbav - planting trees in exchange for building permits

Business | Saturday 13 October

The Brașovian city of Ghimbav issued an act whereby any sort of construction taking place in the locality and its surrounding areas will carry the obligation of planting a certain number of trees

Vox Technology Park - business hub in Timișoara

Vox Technology Park - the newest business hub in Timișoara

Business | Monday 08 October

The interest in office spaces is constantly growing in Timișoara, so Vox Technology Park comes and responds to this demand with one of the most high tech projects in Romania

“Conacul Boierului” or the “Boyar’s Mansion”, Bucharest

“Conacul Boierului” or the “Boyar’s Mansion” - a new concept of trade with Romanian traditional products, in the Barbu Văcărescu zone, in Bucharest

Places of interest, Business | Friday 05 October

"Să ai poftă boierule!" or “Enjoy your meal boyar!” - a new brand of an enterpriser and visionary family, who wants to preserve the Romanian traditions and authenticity




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