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Deep Paradises: Epuran Cave - the greatest speleological discovery of the last quarter of a century, a true natural masterpiece of Mehedinți County

In an original natural and unique setting, somewhere in the Mehedinți Plateau, there is a tectonic formation that comes from the Neozoic times

Epuran Cave, Mehedinți County

Epuran Cave, Mehedinți County

All these natural wonders are found in a remarkable unique area. Here, proud hills are intertwined with karst formations, and the meadows crossed by rivers hide caves and caverns in their depths.

The Mehedinți Plateau includes no less than 17 natural parks, among which: Ponoare Karst Complex, Epuran Cave, Topolniţa Cave, Cornetul Băii and Valea Mănăstirii, Cornetul Obârşia Cloşani, Pădurea Borovăţ, Cheile Coşuştei.

Epuran Cave is a cave of unreal beauty, which houses splendid formations of stalactites and stalagmites and other underground treasures such as: kasrt canopies, lacy curtains and enigmatic canvases, large calcite columns and a beautiful underground lake. The cave stretches its splendour over a length of 3 kilometres and has two levels. Discovered in 1962, the cave has high speleological interest, due to both the existence of multiple concretions and fossil fauna remains. The interior is a complex of halls and galleries, with multiple branches and collapsed limestone blocks.

In the Hall of Bears there are skeletons of Ursus Spelaeus, the Treasure Gallery houses the richest and most spectacular formations of concretions, and the Great Wall is like a splendid curtain of lacy calcite.

The Great Ramonaj represents the most difficult sector, but if you pass it you reach the Mud Plates Gallery. The Epuran Cave is connected to Topolnița Cave (another natural wonder) through six galleries, which have not yet been explored.

If you feel the desire to visit these places that seem to come from prehistory, beside the fabulous landscape, you can also admire other tourist attractions such as: Dacian iron smelting furnaces (recently discovered), or Răchiți Hill in Cireșu commune (with Geto-Dacian vestiges of the 4th-2nd century BC). Moreover, you can enjoy the hospitality and the joy with which the locals from Cireșu and Podeni, lovers and keepers of traditions and customs, will welcome you.


Elena Radu




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