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Mocănița - a Romanian symbol brought back to life

Business, Places of interest | Wednesday 01 February

Old forestry trains, the Mocănițe, knew their prime at the beginning of the 20th century, while after the fall of communism in Romania they slowly began to disappear. More recently, they have been reinvented, but for...

Top Ways Of Having Fun While In Germany

Top Ways Of Having Fun While In Germany

Business | Tuesday 31 January

Germany is a country that offers so much to its visitors. With its diverse culture, extensive history, and beautiful scenery, it’s no wonder tourists flock to this beautiful European nation every year. But Germany isn't just...

Searching for Casual Fun With Some New Ladies? These Tips Can Help

Searching for Casual Fun With Some New Ladies? These Tips Can Help

Business | Monday 30 January

Being single is not always smooth sailing, particularly if that’s something you do not aspire to be. But on the other hand, there are people who are pretty satisfied with this form of “lifestyle” and wish for nothing...

The Importance of Online Casino Customer Support

The Importance of Online Casino Customer Support

Business | Monday 30 January

Online gambling is becoming increasingly popular as a form of entertainment, with more people turning to the internet to find slot machines, card games, sports betting, virtual racing and more. With so many options and the...

Black Truffles

Romanian truffles

Places of interest, Local products, Business | Monday 30 January

Discover the Romania's eco-friendly agriculture.

Anger Room in Bucharest

Anger Room, also known as the anti-stress room arrives in Romania

Places of interest, Business | Thursday 26 January

Initiated about a decade ago in the United States, the concept of Anger Room is simple: eliminating negative emotions through destruction in a controlled environment. People from Bucharest will be able to experience the sensation...

DroneX Pro

DroneX Pro - a drone made in Romania

Business | Tuesday 24 January

"Performance at an affordable price" this seem to be the motto of DroneX Pro, a cheap drone that some specialists consider to be the best drone in the world

The Clay Castle in Fairies’ Valley

The Clay Castle in Fairies’ Valley–the castle at the foot of the Făgăraş Mountains, seeming to come from a tale with fairies and princes, has become an attraction for travellers around the world

Places of interest, Business | Sunday 22 January

Thirty-five kilometres from Sibiu, in the town of Porumbacu, within a superb landscape, an estate of clay and straw was built in a unique architectural style, like a sweet gingerbread castle in our childhood stories

Biofresh in Timisoara - CuGust. Ghidul gastronomic din Banat

Biofresh - the only restaurant with an exclusive vegetarian and Raw Vegan menu in Timisoara

Places of interest, Business | Friday 20 January

Biofresh - an explosion of taste and flavor in a multitude of vegetarian and RAW-Vegan dishes, plenty of freshly squeezed fruit juice shakes and an entire display of desserts without flour, dairy, gluten and sugar

7 Benefits of Adding Hemp-Based Products to Your Lifestyle

7 Benefits of Adding Hemp-Based Products to Your Lifestyle

Business | Tuesday 10 January

Hemp is a variety of Cannabis plants. Unlike marijuana though, it does not produce a high. Hemp is still high in CBD though, which is why most people use it. If you are unfamiliar with CBD, then it is a cannabinoid that’s...

The Laser from Măgurele

The Laser from Măgurele - a revolutionary project for humanity

Business, Places of interest | Monday 09 January

At the Romanian town of Măgurele scientist currently build what experts call the most powerful laser in the world to which will be used for a multitude of experiments that may overturn many scientific paradigms existing today

I Want to Buy Cryptocurrency, What to Choose: ETH or BTC?

Business | Wednesday 04 January

When buying your first crypto, it is crucial to understand the main rule of all successful crypto investors: buy both large and low-cap coins. Large-cap assets are the market leaders everyone has heard about - Bitcoin, Ethereum,...

Easy Ways You Can Spice Up Your Sex Life On Vacation

Easy Ways You Can Spice Up Your Sex Life On Vacation

Business | Monday 02 January

A relationship might need spice, and you could find it by learning how to improve your sex life. Indeed, sex is almost everything, and it's also something you should never ignore. Relationship pleasure increases over time, and...

What Sexual Attraction Feels Like: 6 Things You Should Know

What Sexual Attraction Feels Like: 6 Things You Should Know

Business | Tuesday 27 December

When you meet someone, your brain immediately determines the type of connection you wish to have with them. When you meet someone you have a sexual attraction to, your brain sends signals to your body that indicate whether or not...

Salad Box

Salad Box - from a small business between friends to an international chain of restaurants

Business | Saturday 12 November

The desire of some entrepreneurs in Cluj to offer Romanians another kind of fast food is now, six years later, a million Euro business, spread over three continents

Narcoffee Roasters

Narcoffee Roasters - a different type of coffee for a different type of audience

Business | Friday 11 November

Narcoffee Roasters is a chain of coffee shops that focuses on the origins and quality of coffee, offering a select and exotic alternative to how coffee is consumed in Romania

Alba Iulia

Alba Iulia among the world’s top ecological cities

Business, Places of interest | Thursday 10 November

According to a study published by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Alba Iulia has been included in the select ranking of the slightly above 100 cities in the world that use more than 70% of their energy from renewable sources

Calcio: l'intervista di Josè Mourinho dopo la partita Roma-Sampdoria

Calcio: l'intervista di Josè Mourinho dopo la partita Roma-Sampdoria

Events, Business | Monday 24 October

Dopo la sfida contro la Sampdoria, il tecnico della Roma, Josè Mourinho, si presta ad un'intervista, ma per l'allenatore dei giallorossi questa è stata una partita orribile. Sui migliori siti affidabili e sicuri per le scommesse...

Equestrian tourism in Romania

Equestrian tourism - the touristic surprise of Romania

Business, Places of interest | Tuesday 11 October

Although the vast majority of Romanians have not heard about something like this, equestrian tourism in Romania is a delight for foreign tourists who are queuing to take part in such an experience




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