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TALKING TO PROFESSIONALS: Marius Pașca, the coordinator of agro - cultural tourism from Recaș Wine Cellars

Recaș wine cellars, call for wine tourism

Marius Pașca, Recas Wine Cellars

Marius Pașca, Recas Wine Cellars

Recaș wine cellars are a well-known trade mark in Romania and abroad. Recaș wine cellars were born in 1998 at the initiative of two viticulture engineers and a businessman from international wine industry. Recas wine cellars offer a unique experience for every wine - loving tourist. Here you may found impressive vineyards, tastings, events, gourmet restaurant, selected wine exhibitions and stories where tradition blends with the most modern wine-making techniques.

  Interview with Mr. Marius Pașca, the coordinator of agro - cultural tourism from Recas Wine Cellars

-         The Recaș area became known all over the country and abroad for the special wine crafted with talent and passion. How was developed the idea of wine tourism at Recas Wine Cellars from 1998 to nowadays?

-        The idea of wine tourism was a natural need to promote our wine at our home through the most objective promotion tool, the consumer, the tourist.   -        What could Recaș Wine Cellars offer to the „thirsty” history and wine tourist? -        Our tourist packages are different and can be personalized according to the wishes of those who organize the visits. We can make simple wine tasting, without a meal for the hurried tourists, but also tastings that can be associated with different menus, from traditional to international cuisine. According to the demand we can develop our offer to artistic programs, visits to the vineyard plantation, visits to the old wine cellar, Barrique Hall, wine deposits.  

-        Through the history the wine has many interpretations from Dionysian parties to Christian Symbolism. How do you see the wine?

-        The wine represent our visit card, it is our work and “sweat” of all who works for our company. The wine is our best friend, silent, cheerful, fussy, euphoric, sad sometimes, kind, always tolerant, strong, elegant, delicate, delicious, full and velvety, always discreetly and always present in our live: from pleasant moments: baptism, marriage to the passing rituals when the priest pours the last drop of wine on our head, he, THE WINE is closer to us. Therefore, for us, the way we produce and care for the vineyard is a way of respecting this noble being, called WINE. Therefore, for us, the way we produce and care for him alive means respect for this noble being, called VIN.

-        What would you recommend to those who are at the beginning of the wine business?

-        Perseverance, patience and to learn to love the vineyard and the wine so that the effort to produce quality wine wouldn’t be a burden but simply joy and pleasure.   

-        How does a working day take place at Recaș Wine Cellars?

-        Each day is different and each sector of activity has typical challenges for their activity. For us it is important that every day we take a little step forward, never before in the side or back, and the day when we do not learn anything is a lost day.  

-        What can you reveal us about the future plans for Recaș Wine Cellars concerning the vinicultural tourism?

-        In the following years, we will build accommodation areas, a new shop within the winery complex, tasting rooms and so on, all in order to get the wine consumer a lot closer to the wine and to make us known as we are here, at our home. Thank you and hopefully we have raised your curiosity to know the fruit of our work!    

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