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The Filiberto Restaurant

The Filiberto Restaurant - a high quality benchmark for all those wishing to taste a unique culinary experience

Events | Sunday 16 June

The chef’s creativity draws its inspiration from the classical Italian recipes, which are then revised for generating irreplaceable specials

Anca Wine Cellar in village of Dioseg

Anca Wine Cellar - from the passion for football to the passion for wine

Events | Wednesday 12 June

Romanian grape varieties recovered and transfered further through the wines of Diosig, multicultural wine traditions

The restaurant La Sile  -  Vinga

The restaurant La Sile – a rustic place with delicious traditional Romanian and international food

Events | Sunday 09 June

The dishes always follow the order of seasons and represent the crossing between innovation and traditional tastes

Pâncota wine Cellar from Miniş - Măderat Vineyard

Pâncota wine Cellar, wine with tradition from Miniş - Măderat Vineyard

Events | Wednesday 05 June

Romanian grape varieties, stormy history on Pelegului Hill, personality red and white wines


Spartan - the 4th in the classification of chains having the most restaurants on the territory of Romania, as well as a major competitor of the strong international franchises, such as KFC, McDonald’s or Subway

Events | Sunday 02 June

Next to the dishes specific to the Greek cuisine, such as gyros or souvlaki, for which the meat is tendered by using spices brought from Greece, or pita baked in a wood over

Rittner Vinarium from Diosig Vineyard

Rittner Vinarium, wine with personality from Ierului Valley

Events | Wednesday 29 May

Knights of the wine from Diosig Vineyard, awarded wines, Bakator wine, the wine of the Habsburg Court

Lido Restaurant

Lido Restaurant - provides four-star specials made by Chef Dorel Margauan

Events | Sunday 26 May

Specials such as Lido veal tournedo, roast beef, walnut parfait, and many others can be enjoyed in the two indoor halls or on the terrace, in an oasis of quietness and greenery

The Casa Ceaunului Restaurant

The Casa Ceaunului Restaurant - challenges ones senses with a special selection of autochthonous dishes for pampering the guests with the incomparable Romanian taste

Events | Sunday 19 May

The Casa Ceaunului menu offers traditional Romanian specials with an outstanding taste, traditional dishes made in a cast-iron kettle according to the slow food method, cold and warm snacks, soups and sour soups

Birăuaș Cellars - Miniş area

Birăuaș Cellars - Passion for wine and for the Romanian soil

Events | Wednesday 15 May

Traditional wines from the Miniş area, Romanian wine from Iosif Domany Castle from Ghioroc, wine with personality in limited editions

The Pomo D’Oro Restaurant

The Pomo D’Oro Restaurant - offers the genuine taste of Italian special dishes in an elegant décor

Events | Sunday 12 May

The restaurant was arranged by Davide Negro, relies on the high quality of raw produce, always fresh ingredients made locally, meat from its own slaughterhouses, well-known imported Italian produce, the famous chef using...

Urban Market, Timisoara

Bio products made in Ro in Timisoara: Urban Market

Events | Wednesday 08 May

Organic yoghurts, fresh farm eggs, plants without pesticides, vegan products made in Tm, handmade products, organic wine, syrups, mushrooms, gathered from the Transylvanian forests, truffles, noodles, fresh fruits and vegetables...

San Marzano Gold

San Marzano Gold – the menu connect basic elements of the Italian and Romanian cuisines with small international influence

Events | Sunday 05 May

By using the classic cooking techniques for emphasizing the value of ingredients used and by observing the original recipes and inventively combining the ingredients, the restaurant provides a unique culinary experience

ReVino - Bucharest Wine Fair, 11-13 May 2019, 4th Edition

ReVino - Bucharest Wine Fair, 11-13 May 2019, 4th Edition

Events | Wednesday 01 May

Over 230 Romanian and international wines and 35 exhibitors at Novotel Hotel in Bucharest

Easter 2019

Have a blessed and meaningful Easter!

Events | Sunday 28 April

May your home be blessed with the joy and gladness of Easter, and all your life be filled with peace. Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter 2019!!!

Happy Easter! Have a Blessed and Joyfull Easter!

Events | Sunday 21 April

The editorial staff of Imperial Transilvania wishes all readers a HAPPY and PEACEFUL EASTER !!!

Landscape with chandelier - Gheorghe Fikl

Gheorghe Fikl – a Romanian painter who becomes world famous

Events | Saturday 20 April

The works of a Romanian painter from Timișoara find their way to the private collection of Prince Charles of Wales

Vinvest 2019

Talking to profesionals: Interview with Ph. D. Ioan Nămoloșanu (Part II)

Events | Saturday 20 April

”The wine is produced with talent and with love you will sell it.”

Vinvest 2019

Talking to professionals: Interview with PhD. Ioan Namolosanu (Part I)

Events | Friday 19 April

Old habits and new habits of the wine consummer, news at Vinvest 2019

Domaine Hellburg Wine Cellar

Domaine Hellburg Wine cellar from the Western part of Romania

Events | Wednesday 17 April

Nature in its entire splendor with the vineyard between the hills captured in a young wine but rich in history

Drunken Rat Pub

Drunken Rat Pub - the place for breathing Celtic air in a very casual laidback atmosphere

Events | Sunday 14 April

The menu is quite the opposite of regular pubs; it comprises a marvelous diversity of dishes, such as breakfast variants, hot snacks, chicken dishes, pork dishes, soups, sour soups, salads and fish, special deserts and of course,...




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