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Lamía – Bastion of Health

Lamía – Bastion of Health – the gastronomic temple dedicated to vegan, vegetarian, raw-vegan 100% Gluten Free preparations

Events | Sunday 15 December

Lamía – Bastion of Health – The menu is the result of long study in which the ingredients in the Romanian cuisine meet the world cultures for generating a philosophy indicating living food for the body, mind and...

Vinul lui Dinescu - Port Cultural Cetate

Taste with ”the scent” of poetry - Dinescu's wine from Cetate (The Citadel) Cultural Harbor

Events | Wednesday 11 December

If you want to find the place where angels descend on Earth and where nature reins free on the banks of the Danube River between Calafat and Turnu Severin area, you may find at Cetate (The Citadel) Cultural Harbor the remaining...

The Thesaurus Winery

Thesaurus - more than a wine cellar, sensations and memories from the lands of Banat

Events | Monday 09 December

The Thesaurus Winery virtually combines its wine with the land it comes from and with the people who consume it through the type of service it offers: from tastings and weddings to touristic packages in the Silagiu area

Capriccio, Deva - Ghidul gastronomic din Banat - CuGust

Capriccio – the “special one” of the town of Deva

Events | Sunday 08 December

Capriccio - the menu provided is rich in international dishes, greatly inspired from the Italian cuisine by adopting well-known recipes, a spotless plaiting and professional service

Teodor Wine Cellar - Transylvania

Teodor Wine Cellar "a wine sent from heaven"

Events | Wednesday 04 December

Wine traditions transmitted from father to son, wines with the flavor of Sătmar area

Trufitourism in Romania

Trufitourism in Romania

Events, Places of interest | Tuesday 03 December

Experience the outdoors and learn about truffles!

Boema Restaurant - Timisoara

Boema Restaurant – invites you to a perfect foray into Lebanese cuisine

Events | Sunday 01 December

Boema is a restaurant perfect for indulging in specials such as Lebanese kebab, baba ganoush, kebemehlie, moutabal, mixed sambousek, etc ...

Kulpen Winery, Transylvania

Kulpen Winery – Culpiu Vineyard

Events | Wednesday 27 November

Lechința Wine, the wine of the emperors

The restaurant Island - CuGust - Ghidul gastronomic al Banatului

The restaurant Island – offers a unique gourmet experience

Events | Sunday 24 November

The kitchen is ran by Enzo Divita and it provides Romanian cuisine and international cuisine dishes which, based on his philosophy and personality, rely on three vital ingredients: freshness, taste and good health

Gorgandin Wine Cellar, Transylvania

Gorgandin Wine Cellar, wine from the enchanted land of Transylvania

Events | Wednesday 20 November

Grape varieties from Italy, wines with respect to the”terroir” and to the nature

The Gloria Restaurant  - CuGust - Ghidul gastronomic al Banatului

The Gloria Restaurant - proposes its guests to discover the unique savor of the traditional Romanian, Italian, and international cuisine

Events | Sunday 17 November

The menu is vast and includes dishes made according to original recipes, with always fresh high quality ingredients carefully chosen, as well as with original imported produce, which give to the dishes a strong personality and...

Telna Wine cellar - Transylvania

Telna Wine cellar, noble wine with the touch of the history from the heart of Transylvania

Events | Wednesday 13 November

The wine of the Corvinus Dinasty, cellars from 18th Century, the favorite wine of the Papal Court from Rome

King’s Kebab - CuGust - Ghidul gastronomic al Banatului

King’s Kebab - by far the best fast food place in Timisoara

Events | Sunday 10 November

The place is successful because of its authentic hospitality and particularly the outstanding quality of its services and dishes, providing to its guests a unique culinary experience

Jelna Wine Cellar - Transylvania

Jelna Wine Cellar, the spirit of Transylvanian lands

Events | Wednesday 06 November

Jelna – Lechința Wine, refinement and tradition

International Sofra - CuGust / Ghidul gastronomic al Banatului

International Sofra - brings the flavor of the traditional Tunisian cuisine to Arad

Events | Sunday 03 November

The menu offers varied dishes from the Tunisian cuisine, particularly the cuscus always present, as well as lamb meat cooked in clay pots orbrik, very thin triangular dough, named malsouka, stuffed with meat, tuna, vegetables and...

The Duca Kula

Wandering in Oltenia: top 10 tourist attractions in southwestern Romania

Events | Wednesday 30 October

The beauty of the nature, the temperate climate and the multitude of tourist attractions are the characteristics that should place Oltenia in the top of the holiday destinations in Romania list

Marinela Vasilica Ardelean

Talking to professionals - Marinela Vasilica Ardelean, author of the guide ”Cartea vinurilor românești / The Wine Book of Romania”

Events | Sunday 27 October

Marinela V. Ardelean, co-organizer of RO-Wine|The International Wine Festival of Romania 2019 Cluj Napoca, a sparkling career full of passion for the wine culture

Oprişor Cellar

Oprişor Cellar – VINEYARD in the Hearth of the Living Oltenia

Events | Saturday 26 October

By the tasty and unique wines, we return to the world a piece of the true Oltenia’s charm. Traditions, history and the authentic ruts of Oltenia are expressed through the wines of Oprişor VINEYARD.

RO-Wine | The Wine Festival of Romania 2019 Cluj Napoca

RO-Wine | The Wine Festival of Romania 2019 Cluj Napoca - experience the passion and craftsmanship of the people behind the best Romanian and international wines

Events | Wednesday 23 October

This is a must-attend event for all wine industries and vineyards, which gathers a huge crowd of wine-loving fans from all corners of the world

Sushi Ya - Timisoara

Sushi Ya - brings to the gastronomy lovers the Japanese freshness and extraordinary quality

Events | Sunday 20 October

The menu offers a rich selection of Japanese specials, such as Ramen soup, delicious salads such as kappa sunomo, temaki, sahimi, Nigiri Sushior Maki Sushi




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