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The wine, God’s beverage

Events | Thursday 01 August

A good quality wine, wine criteria selection, the taste and wine tasting

Suppa Bar - Timisoara

Suppa Bar - specializing in soups that manage to please all tastes

Events | Sunday 28 July

The bar offers a daily menu providing five types of soup with very attractive names

Villa Vinea Wine Cellar - Transylvania

Villa Vinea Wine Cellar, flavor from Tarnave Rivers

Events | Wednesday 24 July

Awarded wines with 24 gold medals, Tirol from Tarnava Mica area, Italian experience and Transylvanian lands

Del Vecchio Pizza Place - Timisoara

Del Vecchio Pizza Place – dishes from the Romanian and Italian cuisinein a friendly and elegant atmosphere

Events | Sunday 21 July

Managed by the passion of the kitchen team, the menu shows the influences of world cuisines, all dishes being made from fresh ingredients and carefully observing the manner and time for cooking them, be it pasta, pizza or other...

Boeru Domaine, the wine from Cimbrud

Boeru Domaine, the wine from Cimbrud

Events | Wednesday 17 July

The vineyard with almond tree, the flavor of a noble wine, leisure and serenity in Cimbrud

The Dinar Restaurant

The Dinar Restaurant - brings traditional Balkan recipes and dishes for the first time in Romania

Events | Sunday 14 July

The culinary experience can include dishes such asćevapčići, Karadorde cutlet, pljeskavica, sour soups and pies, Serbian sarmale

La Salina Wine Cellar - Transylvania

La Salina Wine Cellar, a piece of heaven in the heart of Transylvania

Events | Wednesday 10 July

Issa wines, traditional gastronomy, Transylvanian hospitality, Crama La Salina, a must see tourist attractions: Turda Salt Mine, Roman Empire Castel Potaissa, Scarisoara Glacier, Cheile Turzii Canyon

La Granceola Restaurant

La Granceola Restaurant – the gastronomy is an art that must show aroma, creativity and uniqueness with the aim to impress even the most demanding tastes

Events | Sunday 07 July

The diverse menu with interpretations full of imagination, as well as the house specials are accompanied by a broad range of Romanian, foreign and private collection wines and renowned alcoholic beverages

Jidvei Wine Cellar - Transylvania

Jidvei Wine Cellar - Transylvanian wines for everyone's taste

Events | Wednesday 03 July

Wine cellar with over 50 years of wine producing experience, over 300 wine medals, over 20 million bottles of wine produced each year

Napoleon Pizza Place

Napoleon Pizza Place - has been providing specials from the Italian cuisine for over 15 years

Events | Sunday 30 June

The menu offers 27 pizza varieties made from fresh healthy ingredients, 18 types of hamburgers, 4 types of pasta, shawarma, salads, sour soups, grilled meat, as well as the customary desserts

Top 2019 events to attend to in Transylvania

Top 2019 events to attend to in Transylvania

Events | Wednesday 26 June

Transylvania is more than the setting for what is most likely the most famous horror story in the world. Bram Stoker's Dracula has instilled fear in the bravest of hearts since it was written in 1897. The region offers more...

Crastelec Wine Cellar - Şimleul Silvaniei Vineyard

Crastelec Wine Cellar, sparkling wines from the heart of Transylvania

Events | Wednesday 26 June

Sparkling wines, modern technology wines, award winning wines


Enjoy – where the diversity of ingredients and perfect combinations intertwine for generating large tasty portions of salads and sandwiches

Events | Sunday 23 June

The salads are absolutely fantastic, harmoniously combining the refined contrast of aromas with the traditional ingredients and an appealing plating

Podgoria Silvaniei Wine Cellar

Podgoria Silvaniei Wine Cellar, the story of a wine with tradition

Events | Wednesday 19 June

Award-winning wines from Silvania Hills, sparkling wine celebrating life, Romanian unique microclimate

The Filiberto Restaurant

The Filiberto Restaurant - a high quality benchmark for all those wishing to taste a unique culinary experience

Events | Sunday 16 June

The chef’s creativity draws its inspiration from the classical Italian recipes, which are then revised for generating irreplaceable specials

Anca Wine Cellar in village of Dioseg

Anca Wine Cellar - from the passion for football to the passion for wine

Events | Wednesday 12 June

Romanian grape varieties recovered and transfered further through the wines of Diosig, multicultural wine traditions

The restaurant La Sile  -  Vinga

The restaurant La Sile – a rustic place with delicious traditional Romanian and international food

Events | Sunday 09 June

The dishes always follow the order of seasons and represent the crossing between innovation and traditional tastes

Pâncota wine Cellar from Miniş - Măderat Vineyard

Pâncota wine Cellar, wine with tradition from Miniş - Măderat Vineyard

Events | Wednesday 05 June

Romanian grape varieties, stormy history on Pelegului Hill, personality red and white wines


Spartan - the 4th in the classification of chains having the most restaurants on the territory of Romania, as well as a major competitor of the strong international franchises, such as KFC, McDonald’s or Subway

Events | Sunday 02 June

Next to the dishes specific to the Greek cuisine, such as gyros or souvlaki, for which the meat is tendered by using spices brought from Greece, or pita baked in a wood over

Rittner Vinarium from Diosig Vineyard

Rittner Vinarium, wine with personality from Ierului Valley

Events | Wednesday 29 May

Knights of the wine from Diosig Vineyard, awarded wines, Bakator wine, the wine of the Habsburg Court




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