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Viile Metamorfosis Wine Cellar - Dealu Mare

Viile Metamorfosis, the Italian investment in Dealu Mare and the Antinori experience

Events | Sunday 05 April

Premium organic wines, the taste of a unique terroir

LacertA Winery - Dealu Mare

LacertA Winery, the Tyrolean experience from Dealu Mare

Events | Wednesday 01 April

Exceptional Romanian wines, the vineyard with lizards

Sâmburești Domains

Sâmburești Domains, Romanian-French tradition from the South of Romania

Events | Wednesday 25 March

The terroir of a quality wine, Romanian awarded wines

Blaga Domains, Dealu Mare

Blaga Domains an ambitious brand from Dealu Mare

Events | Sunday 22 March

Noble wines, old and young

Ceptura Winery - Dealu Mare

Ceptura Winery, wines from the heart of Muntenia

Events | Wednesday 18 March

Awarded wines, Dealu Mare wine area

Budureasca Winery - Dealu Mare

Budureasca Winery, a brand inspired by the Dacian times

Events | Sunday 15 March

Premium wines from Dealu Mare wine area

Valea Călugărească, the Research, Development Institute for Viticulture

Valea Călugărească, the Research, Development Institute for Viticulture

Events | Wednesday 11 March

Dealu Mare wine area, Romanian performance in the wine field

Tohani Domains - Dealu Mare

Tohani Domains, the wine as a love story

Events | Sunday 08 March

Romanian terroir and African experience, exceptional Romanian wines

Marcel Iureş

Marcel Iureş - one of the few successful Romanian actors in Hollywood

Events | Friday 06 March

Marcel Iureş is one of the most appreciated Romanian international actors. He was born on August the 2nd 1951 in Băileşti, Dolj County, and spent the first years of his life in a village called Amzuleşti, 12 kilometers from...

Festival of Hearts

Banat means a mixture of cultures, traditions and legends

Events, Places of interest | Thursday 05 March

Timisoara is an active city from the cultural point of view, with over 60 events per year organized by prestigious institutions and cultural brands.

Anastasia Domains, Dealu Mare

Anastasia Domains, precious wines from Dealu Mare wine-growing area

Events | Wednesday 04 March

Romanian wine tradition, vineyards from Urlați and Valea Călugărească areas


The Mărțișor, a Romanian traditional gift on March 1st

Events, Traditions | Sunday 01 March

The Mărțișor, the discovery of a Romanian ancient talisman

Franco - Romanian - Săhăteni Domains, Dealu Mare

Franco - Romanian - Săhăteni Domains

Events | Sunday 01 March

Organic Romanian wines from the Dealu Mare wine-growing area

Săhăteni Domains and Aurelia Vișinescu brand

Săhăteni Domains and Aurelia Vișinescu brand

Events | Wednesday 26 February

Wines with character, Dealu Mare Vineyard, the terroir's imprint

Divine Area Winery - Dealu Mare vineyard

Divine Area Winery, the wine with 1000 faces

Events | Wednesday 19 February

Romanian wines from Dealu Mare vineyard area, history recovered in a unique way

Lia Ciocârlie

Lia, the Girl in love with the Sun

Events | Monday 17 February

“Legend of the Skylark”

Basilescu Winery - Dealu Mare Vineyard

Basilescu Winery, wine with XXth Century scent and contemporary flavor

Events | Sunday 16 February

Dealu Mare Vineyard, the former Bucharest city wine, famous Romanian wines

Casa Bolgiu Wine Cellar

Casa Bolgiu Wine Cellar, the elixir of youth without aging

Events | Wednesday 12 February

Four-generation family business, story wines, 23K gold foil wine

Stefanesti – Marcea Winery

Stefanesti – Marcea Winery

Events | Sunday 09 February

Fairytale wine, preserved vineyards, passion for the wine

Blaj Viticulture and Winemaking Research and Development Institute

Blaj Viticulture and Winemaking Research and Development Institute

Events | Wednesday 05 February

Authentic grape varieties from Transylvania, Romanian research and tradition




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