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The Wine Country Association from Alba County

The wine route from Transylvania, hundreds of years old cellars, wine traditions during Dacians

The Wine Country Association,Transylvania

The Wine Country Association,Transylvania

Alba County hosts the most important vineyards in Transylvania: Alba Iulia, Aiud, Sebeș - Apold and Târnave. The vineyard of Alba Iulia has an area of 500 ha and the Mures River crosses the vineyard. In the heart of the vineyard, the hills of Șard, Ighiu, Telna, Bucerdea Vinoasă and Cricău create the perfect environnement. The wines are made from grape varieties such as Feteasca Alba, Italian Riesling, Furmint, Sauvignon Blanc, Grasa de Cotnari, Muscat Ottonel, Traminer, Pinot Gris. Here is Telna Wine Cellar, one of the oldest winery from Transylvania.

The Wine Country Association of Alba was founded in 2016 and its purpose is to promote tourism in Alba County, to promote the development of wine tourism and its integration into the European and international circuit. It has 27 founding members of which they belong to: the county council, city halls, wineries and associations, the Wine County Association created the "wine road", following a similar European model. The route lays between Gârbova and the Cetatea de Balta from Alba County, it has 200 km and crosses: Sebeș, Alba - Iulia, Aiud city and Blaj. The route has a geographical area of unique beauty, which includes the areas of: Gârbova, Câlnic, Sebeş, Alba Iulia, Şard, Ighiu, Ighiel, Ţelna, Tiber, Cricău, Teiuş, Aiud, Craciunelu de Jos, Blaj, Ciumbrud, Jidvei  and Cetatea de Balta. Here we can meet the history in every corner of the buildings that captures long forgotten times but here also the local traditions keep alive the Transylvanian spirit.

The Aiud vineyard has an area of 700 ha and it covers the city of Aiud, the villages of Rădești, Lopadea Nouă, Hopârta and Ciumbrud. Here you will find traditional wine cellars and wine o tastings at Ciumbrud and Aiud.

Sebeș - Apold vineyard covers the South - Western part of the Transylvanian Plateau and reaches an area of almost 1000 ha. The vineyard: Şibot, Sălişte, Pianu, Săsciori, Câlnic, Gârbova from Alba and Ludoş, Miercurea Sibiului, Apoldu de Sus and Sălişte from Sibiu County.

The Târnave vineyard has an area of over 2500 ha and includes the villages: Blaj, Bălcaciu, Jidvei, cetatea de Balta, Şona, Crăciunelul de Jos and Roşia de Secaş. Here you will find one of the greatest wine producers from Transylvania - Jidvei Winery, a wine cellar awarded at the most important wine competitions in the country and abroad.

In 2019 the “Wine Country” Association organized the 7th edition of the Wine Gala together with the Alba County Council, in partnership with the GAL (Local Action Group) on Mureș and Târnave Rivers and the GAL (Local Action Group) Ampoiului Valley and Mures River Valley. In the completion were 28 producers and the total number of samples was 92. 26 gold and 5 silver medals were awarded and the first place was won by the Sauvignon Blanc variety, produced by the Savu cellar from Ciumbrud, the second place was a Mixture of the wine producer Ioan Epure from Ciumbrud and the third place was an Italian Riesling from the producer Ioan Epure from Ciumbrud.

If you are curious and your thoughts, filled up with the aromas of the wine made in Transylvania makes you dream of unique experiences, visit the wine route from Transylvania and you will find the peace and quiet you need.  

Source and Photo credit: 

Alina Mafa




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