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Discover the True Taste of Tradition: Burduf Cheese from Cățean Farm in Rotbav

Cățean Farm brings the authentic joy of Burduf Cheese to every home seeking an genuine culinary experience

Burduf Cheese - Cățean Farm, Rotbav

Burduf Cheese - Cățean Farm, Rotbav

A treasure trove of tradition and passion, Cățean Farm, spanning several generations, has established itself as an icon of authenticity in the mountainous region. With a history of over 300 years, this family-run business has wholeheartedly embraced animal husbandry and cheese production, contributing to the preservation and promotion of local values.

Located in the heart of the mountains, Cățean Farm has carefully preserved traditions and local animal breeds, including Romanian Bălţată cows, Ţurcană and Ţigaie de Bran sheep. With an integrated approach, the farm not only raises animals but also produces 90% of the raw materials they need - hay, alfalfa, corn, wheat - ensuring a controlled and natural environment for healthy animal growth.

A notable aspect of Cățean Farm is its source of the highest quality milk. Freshly obtained milk is skillfully processed to give life to a variety of traditional cheeses, preserving the authenticity of the taste and aroma specific to the region.

Among the exceptional products offered by the farm are cow telemea, sheep telemea, caș, sweet urdă, matured cașcaval, old telemea, burduf cheese, cheese in fir bark, smoked caș and smoked cașcaval. These delicacies are the result of the family's authentic and long-standing commitment to quality.

Burduf Cheese in Fir Bark
Uniqueness for Every Palate With careful maturation in the coaja de brad, Cățean Farm's burduf cheese becomes synonymous with authenticity and sophistication. Each piece reflects the farmers' passion for tradition and quality, offering a truly unique taste experience.

For those with a keen eye on nutrition, Cățean Farm's burduf cheese is a healthy and delicious option. With reduced calorie content and exceptional nutritional values, this cheese adds a healthy note to every meal.

Captivating Recipes

Cooking with Burduf Cheese Cățean Farm doesn't just offer a product but inspiration for creative chefs. From baked burduf cheese pies to traditional bulz or tochitura with polenta, this cheese seamlessly integrates into your favorite recipes, adding a touch of flavor to every dish.

Awards Attesting Excellence

Cățean Farm has received prestigious European recognition for its quality products. The Gold Star awarded by the Brussels Institute for Taste and Quality for branza de burduf is a clear demonstration of excellence. The bronze medal for fresh telemea and the Special Jury Prize for matured telemea at the International Taste Award further solidify the farm's position among top dairy producers.

In conclusion, we invite you to discover the true taste at Cățean Farm in Rotbav. Savor the authenticity of burduf cheese and enjoy a memorable culinary experience. Each piece of cheese reflects not only tradition but also the awards attesting to the quality and passion of the farmers for what they do.    




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