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Cheia: A Tradition of Over 100 Years in Crafting Natural Soap

Discover the magic of Cheia and transform your skincare routine into an authentic and refined experience!

Cheia - body butter

Cheia - body butter

At the heart of each Cheia product beats a rich story, a journey full of passion and skill emanating from a traditional soap factory. The story begins on March 3, 1886, when Lipa Braunstein receives approval from the City Hall to open the gates of his family's factory, becoming one of the most prestigious creative workshops for soap and candles in the heart of the city.

During the same period, on the other side of Europe, William Procter and James Gamble were already renowned suppliers of soap and candles to the North American Confederate army during the Civil War. William Colgate brought innovation to the world of soaps, enriching them with fragrant essences of essential oils. A few years later, in 1890, pharmacist Paul Carl Beiersdorf gave birth to the Nivea brand, and in 1898, the B.J. Johnson Company introduced Palmolive soap.

In 1891, the Braunstein family named the factory "Apollo," and in 1901, it was registered under the name Cheia. In 1908, the factory had a team of 60 people and produced 120,000 kg of the highest-quality soap in various tempting scents, including the esteemed "Romanian soap" variant.

In 1948, the factory was nationalized, and in 1975, it was modernized to become the main soap producer in Romania, with over 2000 employees. However, the recipes were minimized, deviating from the initial quality. After the fall of communism, the factory struggled to keep up with the times until, in 2010, driven by nostalgia and a desire for quality, the brand was rightfully restored.

The new Cheia product range brings a complete care experience to your homes. From gentle liquid soap to invigorating body scrubs and solid perfumes that seamlessly blend tradition with modernity, we have everything you need to pamper your body and senses.

At the core of each Cheia product are natural ingredients, such as essential oils, which not only wrap the skin in a subtle fragrance but also nourish and revitalize. The preparation of the products uses the finest ingredients to provide you with a cleansing and care experience in harmony with nature.

Cheia offers a diverse range of products to suit all tastes and needs. From classic solid soap with scents of lavender, rose, vanilla, orange, mint, chocolate, or coffee to easy-to-use and dose liquid soap. From effective and gentle laundry soap to sulfur soap, which combats acne, dandruff, and other skin conditions. From solid perfume, offering a discreet and persistent aroma, to body spray, refreshing and invigorating your senses. From body scrub, exfoliating and softening your skin, to body oil, providing a luminous and healthy appearance. From shower oil, cleaning and hydrating your skin simultaneously, to natural shampoo, strengthening and beautifying your hair. From baby detergent, protecting your child from allergies and irritations, to beard oil, caring for and styling your beard.  




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