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Dobrogea, the fascinating land between Danube and Black Sea and its treasures: Trophaeum Traiani in Adamclisi, one of the most important ancient monument of Romania

Located in the region of Negru Vodă Plateau, 60 km south-west from Constanța, Triumph Memoriam has been raised by Trajan, the Roman Emperor, in order to glorify the Roman Victory in the fights against the Dacians in 102

Trophaeum Traiani in Adamclisi - Dobrogea

Trophaeum Traiani in Adamclisi - Dobrogea

The main sources of data regarding the wars between Dacians and Romans (101-102 and 105-106) are the two triumph glorifying monuments built by Trajan, the Roman Emperor: Trajan’s Column in Rome Forum and Trophaeum Traiani in Adamclisi. Recent research has concluded that the Adamclisi monument, discovered in 1982, was built around 109.

It is a grandiose monument having 39 meters high and has a basal diameter of 38 meters. The exterior walls present several scenes of war. Next to it, there is a funerary altar, where the names of 3,800 Roman soldiers are engraved and a mausoleum in which is the tomb of the Roman commander who sacrificed his life for the victory of the battle.

The monument, as it has been reconstructed by archaeologists, consists of a cylindrical base, which is raised on several rows of circular steps, and at the top has a conical roof formed by concentric rows of stone in the form of fish scales, in the middle of which rises a hexagonal superstructure. Also at the top is the trophy depicting an armour with four cylindrical shields above two statuary groups.

The Tropaeum Traiani Fortress, founded by the Trajan, the Roman Emperor is located only 2 kilometres west from the monument. The fortress was placed on the site of an ancient Geto-Dacian settlement. South-west of the central point of the crossroad of the main traffic roads, a grandiose civil basilica was built, following the model of Pompeii.

The Tropaeum Traiani Museum Centre also includes a museum that has gathered numerous archaeological relics discovered in this area: ceramic pots belonging to the Hamangia culture, Getic ceramics, Greek, Roman and Byzantine amphorae, rush-candles, tools, jewels, fragments of aqueducts, sculptures, epigraphic documents.

Nature, history, culture, a mixture that makes Dobrogea very attractive to Romanian and foreign tourists who come here to discover not only the beauties, but also from the enigmas of this fascinating part of the world.


Elena Radu




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