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Bucovina: The Timeless Vibe of Authentic Romania

Places of interest

Discover the unique essence of Bucovina, where tradition meets nature.

Grilled mititei – traditional Romanian recipe

Grilled mititei – traditional Romanian recipe


Mititei, a sort of grilled meatball, are kings of Romanian picnics. Mici are mandatory served with mustard and bread, next to a pint of beer

Discover Romania

Discover Romania: A Hidden Gem Loved by Foreigners

Places of interest

Rich Culture, Warm People, Breathtaking Nature, and Delectable Cuisine Await You

Topoloveni Concentrated Plum Spread

The Magiun of Topoloveni, the first Romanian food brand recognized by the EU


The traditional Magiun or the Topoloveni Concentrated Plum Spread, from tradition to the country brand

Breb, Maramureș

Breb, the fairy tales village of Maramureş, rich in tradition, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Romania

Places of interest

A small village of Maramures but rich in unique traditions and customs in Romania, is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Romania. This is the village Breb, whose rare beauty has also seduced Prince Charles, so he...

The  Grilias Cake

The Grilias Cake - A Taste That Delights and Fulfills


A beloved tale woven with sweet aromas and memories full of warmth

The snowdrop

The snowdrop - signs of life and death in the realm of legends


The tenderness of a flower that heralds the transition from the season of cold and darkness to the season of light, of warmth and resurrection

The Resurrection

Easter, the feast of light and joy - Romanian beliefs, traditions and customs


Easter, the most important holiday of Christendom celebrates the miracle of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the essence of the Christian faith

Resurrection of Christ

The Easter Lunch - a look at the Easter Romanian traditions


“Hristos a-nviat!” or “Christ is risen!” – Romanian believes, legends and gastronomy

Easter - egg painting tradition

Easter egg painting in Romania, an everlasting Romanian tradition


Learn about the wonderful and unique tradition of Easter egg painting and about the meanings of the symbols that are represented

Lamb Drob - Romanian traditional recipe for Easter

Romanian traditional recipes for Easter


Discover the taste of childhood in the Romanian kitchen

The Egg Museum, Vama

The Unique Egg Museum - Vama


The Egg Museum from Vama offers visitors a collection of more than 3000 eggs, made with different techniques

The mass of the Holy Saturday

The Holy Week - the most sacred time of year for Christians


The Crucifixion - the primordial chaos- and the Resurrection in the Romanian Orthodox Religion

Drob de miel, Easter recipe

Tradition and Authentic Taste of Drob de Miel for Easter: An Unparalleled Romanian Delight

Local products

Discover the Secret of Preparation and the Joy of Savoring the Culinary Tradition of Easter Festivities

Saint Charalambos

St. Charalambos, the saint who keeps diseases away


The connection between St. Charalambos and the world of the hereafter is also illustrated by the customary traditions, a symbiosis between the "pagan" and Christian faith

Peach cookie - Romanian recipe

Peach cookies - a delicacy for every season

Local products

Everyone knows what the peaches are. But who knows what the peach cookies are? Taking into account the reputation of peaches, some woman, passionate for desserts, have created the dessert that mimics this fruit.


The Mărțișor, a Romanian traditional gift on March 1st


The Mărțișor, the discovery of a Romanian ancient talisman


Dragobetele or the Romanian Valentine’s Day


The God of love in the Romanian culture and tradition

Toplița, Harghita Moutains

Toplița: A Fun-Filled Destination for All Seasons

Places of interest

Discover the Best of Winter and Summer Activities in Toplița, Romania

Moldovan pie: Învârtita

Moldovan pie with eggs and onions – the traditional recipe


This is a traditional Moldovan recipe called “învârtită”, which has no equivalent in English as far as the author knows. The word is a noun that comes from the past participle of “a învârti”, which means to spin, so it would...




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