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Buziaş: the place of the heart, not far away from Timisoara

Even if an old Romanian folk song says ,, ... There are no treatments for heart diseases... ", in Buzias your heart can be treated ...


The city is located in the western part of Romania and is particularly famous for its healing waters, but also for the natural landscape. Thanks to its miraculous waters, Buziaş has become one of the most popular banleoclimates in Banat.

Since 1811, the healing waters of the springs of Buziaş began to be exploited for healing purposes and in 1900 a mineral water bottling was built. The legend of the waters that heal says that in a place near the house of an old man named Bâzieş, who lived in the forest, it was a good source of water.

Over time, the neighbours discovered that the water was refreshing and also built their homes in the vicinity of the source. In memory of old Bâzieş, the name of the city became Buziaş. Currently, cause of their therapeutic effect, Buziaş waters are recommended for heart disease, atherosclerosis, rheumatism, liver, kidneys, etc.

Now, The Company of treatments Banleari Buziaş SA offers complex services for accommodation, hotels and Phoenix Park, being always ready to receive their guests in rooms of three and four stars. There you can take care and treatment particularly for those with cardiovascular problems, Buziaş being the  only place in Romania with this specific sproperty. The procedures for the treatment of diseases use: carbonated mineral water, used in baths of mineral water heated to cure internal buvete park, mofettes, ie CO2 emissions to the peripheral circulation and ionization, ie, the  concentration of 'air like altitude of 1000 m.

In addition, the to the Company's Treatments Banleari Buziaş SA has special offers available to those who wish to Spa, lead a healthier life, or a few days of relaxation in the famous mineral waters. For those who are tourists, or patients, hotel Society Treatments Banleari Buziaş offer rooms for both, spa and for various events, such as parties and conferences.

Very famous for tourists come to Buziaş  for a course of treatment, and for a few days of relaxation, a favorite with tourist spot is the city park. To over 20 hectares, the park attracts tourists for its rare tree species, but also for a long colonnade of wood of 500 meters, a Turkish ­Byzantine style building. Because of strongly ionized air, walks in the park and in the colonnade, are good for health. Squirrels in the park are also a major attraction for tourists, especially for children.

Those who comes to Buziaş as patients or as a tourists, you may also visit the attractions, tours, events and festivals that show the multicultural history, the city and an air reminiscent of Turkish and Austrian characteristic for the region of Banat. Guests have the opportunity to visit the springs, cities, churches, the surroundings or participate in events organized by the authorities. For example, during Easter holiday there will be a festival of choir singing Easter, in June the festival of puppeteers, in August the kerwei of Germans of Banat and September 8, the wrinkle of Buzias, traditional festival in Banat.

Place of healing springs, clean air and water, the city Buziaş awaits guests to taste and learn about the water which become legendary and a piece of history of Banat.





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