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Lopătari - the burning earth

The living fire which also inspired the Olympic Games

Lopatari - The Living Fire

Some people consider it a gift of the nature, there are those who attributes a miraculous character and, according to tradition, it is considered the protector of the animals. Because it looks like a messenger from another world, people come here to make a wish. We talk about the living fire of Lopătari, a phenomenon found in various sub Carpathian areas in Romania and in the Transylvanian Basin.

Beyond the rarity of the phenomenon, it also has a scientific explanation. The emanations of natural gas, which have found their way through cracks in the crust, through spontaneous combustion or not, keep alive the sacred fire of the earth. The fire can burn regardless of weather and season.

Here the flames reach even 30-40 centimeters, depending on the gas pressure and time. The blue flame that marks the site for thousands of years creates even today an outdoor show, both day and night, being visible from kilometers away.

The reserve of the living fire is totally devoid of vegetation, with the exception of a plant that is able to adapt to local conditions, ie gărdurăriţa, a plant with a whitish appearance.

Over time, this natural wonder is the basis of many legends and stories. Even the Olympics were inspired by the essence of eternity of the eternal fire.

Located about 60 km from Buzau, the living fire of Lopătari is a rare phenomenon, which attracts thousands of tourists every year. Apart from the natural reserve from Lopătari, a similar phenomenon is also found in Vrancea, but it is unique in Europe. A similar performance can be found in Turkey, Australia, US and Asia.





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