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The traditional Transylvanian cheeses conquer Europe

Local products, Places of interest | Thursday 25 May

The ”burduf cheese” or the „bellows cheese” - the pride of the mountain sheepfolds, the queen of the Romanian cheeses

Ghica Tei Palace - a historical monument, located on a vast domain near Lake Plumbuita in Bucharest

Places of interest | Wednesday 24 May

Today, the whole Ghica Domain - Ghica Palace, Wine Cellar, Gardens, Garrison, Cavalry Annexes - hosts an impressive center for cultural, social, charity events, for parties, launches, business meeting, opened to those who want...

Lunca Pogănișului– a protected area in Banat

Places of interest | Tuesday 23 May

The mottled tulip, the village of Berini and other wonders ... just a few steps from Timisoara

The Vega Hotel - private beach, a pool, SPA, ..., in Mamaia, Black Sea

Places of interest | Monday 22 May

Have an enjoyable stay at one of the most luxurious hotels at the Romanian seaside

The Voroneţ monastery, known as "the Sistine Chapel of the East", the most famous monastery in Romania, whose unique color impresses tourists

Places of interest | Sunday 21 May

There are many tourists who say that Romania is "heaven on earth". And rightly so if we think of the many beautiful tourist targets unique in the world, the fairytale landscapes and breathtaking views that are found at every...

Poenari Citadel - the fortress of Vlad the Impaler, on the rocky peak of the mountain Cetăţuia

Places of interest | Saturday 20 May

The fortress, haughty guards the southern entrance of Transfăgărăşan with its mysterious air from medieval times

Mircea Cartarescu – Romanian author with chances of winning the Nobel Prize

Events | Friday 19 May

Poet, novelist and literary critic, Mircea Cartarescu is recognized as one of the most important Romanian writers of the present. Many literary critics hope that he will be the first Romanian writer to win the Nobel Prize

Adrian Ghenie – among the best sold painters in the world

Events | Thursday 18 May

The color symphony of one of world's best-selling artist

Traian Vuia - the Romanian inventor who managed the first self-propelled flight by a heavier-than-air machine

Places of interest, Events | Wednesday 17 May

Traian Vuia effected "the first take-off without any assistance carried out successfully by an aircraft equipped with a modern landing gear equipped with wheels, even if he flew only for 12 meters. Moreover, it was the first...

Sustainable Romania – turning waste into electricity

Business | Tuesday 16 May

Sustainability is a way of living and doing things that is of becoming increasingly appreciated and increasingly necessary at an international level and Romania has a huge potential in this regard

The Danube Boilers - a mixture of legend and beauty...

Places of interest, Itineraries | Monday 15 May

Imagine the water boiling in the pot ... Now imagine a river with boiling water among the rocks of the mountains ... Would you like to see live this picture?

Cabbage á la Cluj – a traditional recipe from Transylvania

Local products | Sunday 14 May

Although a symbolic recipe of Cluj-Napoca, recognized as such by the rest of the country, it might in fact not have a lot to do with the city whose name it bears.

Romania has marked the world history of oil

Events | Saturday 13 May

Romania is the first country in the world that officially recorded the oil production- the world's first refinery in Ploieşti - Bucharest, the first city in the world illuminated with kerosene

“Eugenia” biscuits – a Romanian brand that takes one back in time

Itineraries, Places of interest | Friday 12 May

“Eugenia” biscuits became so famous that the brand became a common noun in Romanian language

The Amazing World of Turda Gorge

Places of interest, Itineraries | Thursday 11 May

Turda Gorge is a beautiful natural reserve that is home to over 1,000 species of animals and plants. It has an inestimable valuable to science but also is a place of rare beauty.

Vadu Crişului Cave - discover a nature reserve in Bihor County

Places of interest, Itineraries | Wednesday 10 May

In the land of the most beautiful caves in Romania – Bihor County – lays Vadu Crişului Cave, which was considered the most stunning in Europe when it was discovered

Lopătari - the burning earth

Places of interest, Itineraries | Tuesday 09 May

The living fire which also inspired the Olympic Games

Mătcălăul - is one of the most interesting and most beautiful folk beliefs

Traditions | Monday 08 May

Mătcălăul is a being, a sort of demigod, a hero of the Greco-Roman mythology, half-human, half divine essence, very beautiful and at the same time immortal, walking on Earth, between Sântoader and Pentecost, but no one can see...

The Nera-Beuşniţa Gorge National Park

Places of interest, Itineraries | Sunday 07 May

Visit some of the most beautiful nature monuments in Romania and admire them in their splendor, untouched by human influence

Elder Flower Juice, the best Traditional Refreshing Summer Drink

Traditions, Local products | Saturday 06 May

Elder Flower Juice is one of the most appreciated Romanian traditional drinks. It is produces only of natural ingredients that’s why its taste is so wonderful




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