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Gheorghe Fikl – a Romanian painter who becomes world famous

Events | Thursday 19 April

The works of a Romanian painter from Timișoara find their way to the private collection of Prince Charles of Wales

The Caloian and / or the Paparude?

Traditions | Wednesday 18 April

Magic of Rain and Heat in the Romanian traditions

The history lesson of Biertan – a medieval peasant fortress of Transylvania part of the UNESCO Heritage Sites

Places of interest, Itineraries | Tuesday 17 April

On a hill in the middle of Biertan Village near Sibiu, there is a Saxon village of a rare beauty surrounded by a marvelous landscape where one of the most imposing fortified church is located

ROM chocolate - a part of the history of the Romanians

Local products | Monday 16 April

The colors of the Romanian flag, the first three letters of the name of the country and the taste of rum - ingredients that have created a Romanian brand desired by all gourmands

Alba Iulia, the city full of history, considered one of the most beautiful cities of Romania

Places of interest | Sunday 15 April

Alba Iulia is one of the most charming cities of Romania. A place rich in history, a symbol of the unity of the Romanians, a must see for every tourist who arrives in Romania

Where to invest in 2018 in Romania?

Business | Saturday 14 April

The economic forecast for 2018 seems to be favorable to Romania, the country’s government anticipating an economic growth of 5.5% this year.

Salina Turda or the underground salt castle

Places of interest, Itineraries | Friday 13 April

".... it is Transylvania alone - where nature has proved to be, in the end, more generous than in many other countries - Transylvania, with all its rarity, is hidden in the dark" (Johann von Fichtel Ehrenreich)

The face of one of the Seven Wonders of the modern world.

Places of interest | Thursday 12 April

Gheorghe Leonida - the Romanian sculptor who gave the face of the symbol of Brazil.

The Beginning of organic products in Romania - a success story

Business | Wednesday 11 April

Two brothers from Reşiţa have bet everything on an organic products business at a time when the concept was probably not even known in Romania. Today, they are market leaders in the field and can be considered forerunners in the...

Moldovan pie with eggs and onions – the traditional recipe

Traditions, Local products | Tuesday 10 April

This is a traditional Moldovan recipe called “învârtită”, which has no equivalent in English as far as the author knows. The word is a noun that comes from the past participle of “a învârti”, which means to spin, so it would...

The wine civilization in the Romanian traditional culture

Traditions | Monday 09 April

Wine is a beverage whose ceremonial and ritual role clearly stands out for its many ancient meanings

The Easter Lunch - a look at the Easter Romanian traditions

Traditions | Sunday 08 April

“Hristos a-nviat!” or “Christ is risen!” – Romanian believes, legends and gastronomy

Have a blessed and meaningful Easter!

Events | Sunday 08 April

May your home be blessed with the joy and gladness of Easter, and all your life be filled with peace. Happy Easter!!!

Boeuf Salad – a dish made for special occasions

Local products, Traditions | Saturday 07 April

There is probably nobody in Romania who hasn’t tasted boeuf salad. It’s a dish that every housewife knows how to cook (although there isn’t much cooking involved) and everybody loves to eat. And despite its sophisticated French...

Easter, the feast of light and joy - Romanian beliefs, traditions and customs

Traditions | Friday 06 April

Easter, the most important holiday of Christendom celebrates the miracle of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the essence of the Christian faith

Romanian Easter traditions

Traditions | Thursday 05 April

As the period of Easter approaches, Romanians begin preparations for the big party: with traditions and folk beliefs, lamb, Easter eggs - Easter a truly baroque holiday.

Easter egg painting in Romania, an everlasting Romanian tradition

Traditions | Wednesday 04 April

Learn about the wonderful and unique tradition of Easter egg painting and about the meanings of the symbols that are represented

Romanian traditional recipes for Easter

Traditions | Tuesday 03 April

Discover the taste of childhood in the Romanian kitchen

The Unique Egg Museum - Vama

Traditions, Places of interest | Monday 02 April

The Egg Museum from Vama offers visitors a collection of more than 3000 eggs, made with different techniques

Happy Easter! Have a Blessed and Joyfull Easter!

Events | Sunday 01 April

The editorial staff of Imperial Transilvania wishes all readers a HAPPY and PEACEFUL EASTER !!!




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