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Nadia Comăneci – the first gymnast to score a perfect 10

Events | Friday 28 July

The first person in history to receive a 10 on a gymnastics performance was a 14-year-old girl from Romania called Nadia Comaneci. Before her, it was considered impossible for a gymnast to get a 10

Foreign investors are building an Eco resort in Romania

Business | Thursday 27 July

Romania's natural beauty has convinced a number of foreign investors to lay the foundations of a project aimed at creating an Eco resort in the heart of Transylvania

Dobos Torte - a flavor of the traditional Austro-Hungarian cuisine

Local products, Traditions | Wednesday 26 July

Dobos is a traditional Austro-Hungarian cake, but in the Banat became a true art. It was always present at the great feasts, especially during the celebration dedicated to the patron saint of the church.

The most beautiful and shady terraces in Bucharest, that work at full capacity, from spring to autumn

Places of interest | Tuesday 25 July

A variety of terraces located in various picturesque places, besides houses, in yards, in gardens, in parks, beside lakes or on buildings, represents the places of refuge for the Bucharest residents and the tourists, exhausted...

The thermal waterfall from Topliţa - a fantastic monument created by nature, a unique tourist attraction in Romania

Places of interest, Itineraries | Monday 24 July

Topliţa is a beautiful city with a great tourist potential. Set in the north of the Giurgeu Depression in the Eastern Carpathians, on the upper course of the river Mureș River, surrounded by the Calimani, Giurgeu and Gurghiului...

Poiana Mărului- a gem of Banat

Places of interest, Itineraries | Sunday 23 July

It’s love at first sight for the show that nature offers.

The Moldoviţa Monastery, a unique jewel in Europe

Places of interest | Saturday 22 July

The Moldoviţa Monastery is one of the most beautiful places of worship in Romania. The exterior painting, which has been preserved very well, is the main attraction of the monastery.

Romania is digitized through GovItHub

Business | Friday 21 July

Launched in October 2016, the GovItHub initiative has already helped implement a series of national digitization projects, performed with minimal costs

Saint Ilie or Saint Elias, the 20th day of July

Traditions | Thursday 20 July

Angel of thunders, lightning and fire in the Romanian tradition

The Castle in Sâncrai – a new tourist attraction in Romania

Places of interest, Itineraries | Wednesday 19 July

The castle is located at a 30 kilometer distance from the city of Alba-Iulia, in a village called Sâncrai. After restoration, it has once again become the architectural gem that it was 200 years ago

The Firijba village in Vâlcea County, one of the oldest villages in the country, attracts tourists for its picturesque, naturalness and ancestral load

Places of interest, Traditions, Itineraries | Tuesday 18 July

Hidden in the middle of a forest, surrounded by acacia trees and the secular oaks, the village tells its story from an ancient time

Alba Iulia, the city full of history, considered one of the most beautiful cities of Romania

Places of interest | Monday 17 July

Alba Iulia is one of the most charming cities of Romania. A place rich in history, a symbol of the unity of the Romanians, a must see for every tourist who arrives in Romania

Smoked pork shank with beans, one of the most delicious traditional Romanian dishes

Local products, Traditions | Sunday 16 July

This gastronomic specialty is never missing from the tables of the Romanians, especially for the country's national day

The Coliboaia Cave in the Bihor Mountains and its cave paintings - the drawings of more than 30,000 year old are considered to be among the first manifestations of the human artistic interest

Places of interest, Itineraries | Saturday 15 July

The 14 charcoal paintings, representing animal forms, were discovered at the end of 2009 in the Coliboaia Cave of the Apuseni Natural Park

Horezu Ceramics – the art most representative of Romanian tradition

Places of interest | Friday 14 July

The name Horezu Ceramics refers to a type of art that produces unique traditional pieces of pottery, each hand-made and hand-painted, an art that is one of the most representative of Romanian folklore

The treasure of Pietroasele – the history of Romania written in gold

Places of interest | Thursday 13 July

The treasure of Pietroasele, also known colloquially as the Broody and the Gold Chicks, is an archeological treasure discovered in Romania in 1837. It has been destroyed, it has gone through fire, many of its original pieces have...

Business opportunities in Romania: the difference between Corporation and Limited Liability Company

Business | Wednesday 12 July

Any entrepreneur who owns or wishes to open a business in Romania should know exactly what type of legal entity he or she wants to initiate; or, an essential condition for this is knowing and understanding the distinction between...

The Pension Dacica in Ţara Haţegului aims to bring closer to the world the story of our ancestors, the Dacians

Places of interest | Tuesday 11 July

Located in a place where history and ancient culture are interwoven with a wonderful landscape, covered by the mysterious scent of the Dacian fortresses in the Orăştie Mountains, the Pension Dacica has set as its main objective,...

Golescu Grant Palace – a monumental treasury of old architecture, a building full of history and legends

Places of interest | Monday 10 July

Part of the National Heritage of Romania, the building houses now the Centre for Recreation and Personal Development "Golescu Grant Mansion"

Cycle tourism in Romania - the most beautiful trails through the Ciucaș Massif, in the Carpathian Mountains

Places of interest, Itineraries | Sunday 09 July

The Ciucaș Massif, endowed with nature with spectacular scenery, await the cyclists to explore their beauties, following the itinerary:” Cheia - Poiana Valea Stânei - Cheile Văii Stânei - Curmătura Stânei – Cabana...




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