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Mircea Eliade and the first history of religions

Events, Places of interest | Thursday 21 September

One of the most notable historians of religion of the 20th century and one of the most influential Romanian writers

Ada Kaleh – The Island Covered by Danube’s Waters

Places of interest | Wednesday 20 September

The underwater world always fascinated the mankind. The curiosity grows especially if one knows that the ground under water was once a place full of life and people

The Container House - A Wacky Idea, or a Successful Business?

Business | Tuesday 19 September

A young entrepreneur from Romania has remodeled an industrial container and transformed it into her own working spot, thus proposing an alternative to classic living or working spaces

Romania is the country that everyone should visit once in a lifetime

Places of interest | Monday 18 September

The Norwegian Gunnar Garfors, after seeing 198 countries, positioned Romania on the first place in the ranking of the most beautiful countries

Bucharest, from The Middle Age to today: The Manuc's Inn

Places of interest, Itineraries | Sunday 17 September

A tourist landmark and a "historic stop" in the Old Town

Timișoara takes new steps in the field of tourism

Business | Saturday 16 September

As a result of the growing number of tourists visiting the town on the Bega river, local authorities have decided to set up a Tourism Consultative Council

Cezanne Restaurant - the place where culinary art meets with the pictorial art into a new concept

Places of interest | Friday 15 September

"The Cezanne concept" belongs entirely to Cezar Munteanu, being an extension of his personality, of his chef experience and his inclination towards art

The National Museum of Romanian History, important tourist attraction

Places of interest | Thursday 14 September

The Trajan's Column in Bucharest

Bred crusted pork, a delicious traditional recipe

Local products | Wednesday 13 September

A tasty and juicy recipe that brings you back in time, a revival of those precious childhood’s memories that will always bring a smile to my heart

The Mud Volcanoes in Buzău County, a unique natural phenomenon in Romania

Places of interest, Itineraries | Tuesday 12 September

Tourists coming to the Mud Volcanoes, a unique place in Romania, about 150 km from Bucharest, have the impression that they have landed on Mars or on Moon

The Saxon village of Viscri, Transylvania - an original model of authenticity and sustainability

Places of interest | Monday 11 September

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999 won a special place the heart of King Charles

In Cluj residents decide how public money is spent

Business | Sunday 10 September

Mayor Emil Boc announced the implementation of participatory budgeting in Cluj, by which inhabitants of the city will be able to vote online on how part of the city's money should be spent

The Songs of Maria Tănase

Events, Itineraries | Saturday 09 September

The Queen of Folk Music, the Charming Voice, the Nightingale, Edith Piaf of Romania... these are the names given to Mariei Tănase, an outstanding personality of the Romanian traditional music of interwar period

Vinars Zaraza – the Romanian Best Brandy

Local products, Places of interest | Friday 08 September

An exotic, refined and potent wine distillate that resembles the courtesan whose name it wears

Specialists from Timișoara contribute to the technological development of the planet

Business | Thursday 07 September

The 5G technology is a reality that people of the world will be able to experience in just a few years, and its development will take place in Timișoara, among other places

The Gerald’s Hotel – the perfect place to mix business with pleasure

Places of interest, Itineraries | Wednesday 06 September

If you are planning a business trip to Romania, why not stay at the luxurious Gerald’s Hotel in Rădăuţi

Conacul Boieresc - let yourself be cuddled in a country manor house near Brasov

Places of interest | Tuesday 05 September

Conacul Boieresc is a luxury hotel located 25 kilometers from the city of Braşov, Braşov County. Although situated off the beaten track, the access to the hotel is relatively easy with any kind of vehicle.

Transylvania, the land of slow food

Local products, Traditions | Monday 04 September

In Transylvania you cannot talk about food without talking about the environment, culture, spirituality, quality of soil and water.

Gheorghe Fikl – a Romanian painter who becomes world famous

Events | Sunday 03 September

The works of a Romanian painter from Timișoara find their way to the private collection of Prince Charles of Wales

Romanian-Italian cooperation for the restoration of historical buildings in Timişoara

Business | Saturday 02 September

A project initiated by the Expose Architecture Association will ensure the rehabilitation of dozens of historical buildings in Timișoara with the help of several Italian entities and investors




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