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Izvin Stud Farm - the passion of riding near Timisoara

Places of interest | Monday 20 November

Izvin, one of the most famous riding locations in Romania is preparing for equestrian tourism

Capitol Hotel – a history of over 100 years in the heart of Bucharest

Places of interest | Sunday 19 November

One of the most amazing historical hotels in Bucharest –the former “Louvre House”, a name taken from the store located on its ground floor, and subsequently becoming “Louvre Hotel” – lies, with its Parisian flavor, on one of the...

Sweet Cornmeal Cake - a sweet very popular in Transylvania

Local products | Saturday 18 November

A cake reminiscent of childhood and of holidays spent in the countryside

“Curtea Domnească” (the Royal Court) in Târgovişte - the residence of the Wallachian rulers more than three centuries

Places of interest, Itineraries | Friday 17 November

Curtea Domnească Târgovişte, former residence of several Romanian rulers from Ţara Românescă – Wallachia -, today is an important museum complex, opened for the tourist circuit. It is a monumental ensemble composed of several...

Niculițel Basilica, Tulcea County – a Paleochristian monument unique in the world

Places of interest, Itineraries | Thursday 16 November

Under auspicious circumstances, in 1971, after many torrential rains that washed the earth at the foot of Piatra Rosie hills, the locals discovered a mysterious stone dome

Trufitourism in Romania

Events, Places of interest | Wednesday 15 November

Experience the outdoors and learn about truffles!

Palinca - the secret of the Romanian traditional spirit

Local products | Tuesday 14 November

The most known traditional spirit in Ardeal area is palinca

Snow White, Queen of Childhood Cakes - A Recipe Like Mom’s

Local products | Monday 13 November

Enjoy remembering the moments in which the most delicious, savory and aromatic cake of our childhood was prepared in our house

The Blue Lagoon of Aghireşu - a jewel of nature in the heart of Transylvania

Places of interest | Sunday 12 November

A lake created by the joint effort of man and nature, whose colour and sand make one feel like being at the Mediterranean

Witches Marsh, the place where presumably Dracula was killed

Places of interest | Saturday 11 November

Witches Marsh is one of the mystical places in Romania. Witches gather there from all over the world for casting spells and it is believed that it was the place where Dracula was beheaded

Herculane Baths – the oldest spa town in Romania step by step with history

Places of interest, Itineraries | Friday 10 November

The spas, rich in hot springs since Dacian times, are located on an ancient volcanic fissure in the south-west of the country, a part of the “Domogled – Cerna Valley” National Park

Ciprian Porumbescu and the tragic destiny of a Romanian musical genius

Places of interest | Thursday 09 November

The most prolific Romanian composer died at only 29 years leaving more than 200 musical works inheritance for the Romanian people

Ioan Cantacuzino and the cholera vaccine

Business, Local products | Wednesday 08 November

One of the most illustrious figures of Romanian academia and scientific research, Ioan Cantacuzino was the first to obtain long lasting results in the fight against cholera

Nera Gorges –a narrow and wild gullet along the Nera River, with a spectacular scenery – a piece of heaven located in the Banat Mountains, in Caraș-Severin county

Places of interest, Itineraries | Tuesday 07 November

On the south side of Anina Mountains, we find the “Nera Gorges – Beuşniţa National Park”, a natural protected area, also containing Nera Gorges – the longest notches in Romania

How to make papanași or the Romanian dumplings

Traditions, Local products | Monday 06 November

A fast and easy recipe that guarantees one of the most delicious desserts you will try

Cojocna Baths - discover the benefic properties of its salted waters

Places of interest | Sunday 05 November

In the summer, temperatures in Cluj-Napoca can climb as high as 40°C. It becomes unbearable to go out because the asphalt is too hot while, at home, the air is un-breathable. The seaside is far away, so you can’t just pack your...

Polenta dumplings stuffed with mushrooms –a traditional recipe from the beautiful Bucovina

Local products | Saturday 04 November

A traditional dish, less famous than the polenta ball, but as delicious and special as the former, known in all Bucovina households.A fantastic recipe, particularly for polenta lovers

Lake Bucura – the largest glacial lake in Romania

Places of interest | Friday 03 November

The trails in the Retezat Mountain are especially beautiful because they are scattered with “blue eyes”. One of these eyes is Lake Bucura

Amandina Cake – the original recipe

Local products | Thursday 02 November

Amandina has been very popular in Romanian confectioneries since the 1960s. They have a specific taste of caramel, cocoa and rum that we have grown to love

The Fortified Saxon Church in Viscri - an ideal place for a fantastic holiday in the heart of Transylvania

Places of interest | Wednesday 01 November

UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999




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