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The Legend of Bazias

Places of interest, Itineraries | Saturday 20 January

The Danube separates the two countries, Serbia and Romania ... It opens a fishing village ... You see traditional houses, but also more modern...

The Endless Column of Constantin Brancusi - Targu Jiu

Places of interest | Friday 19 January

The Endless Column - more than forty years of research to find the perfect balance and perspective

Pleșcoi Sausages - Trademark as Romanian traditional product with a rich history, the culinary pride for the citizens in Buzău City

Local products | Thursday 18 January

The history of ”Pleșcoi Sausages” starts from the area Buzău Muddy Volcanoes, from Pleșcoi Village, attested since 1484 under the name ”Plăcicoi”

"Poale-n brâu" - a delicious Moldavian traditional recipe

Local products | Wednesday 17 January

"Poale-n brâu" or brânzoaicele is a delicious Romanian traditional recipe. These soft cakes filled with cheese are considered the emblem of the Moldavian cuisine

"St. Michael’s" Church in Cluj-Napoca

Places of interest | Tuesday 16 January

One of the most beautiful gothic buildings in Romania

“Decebalus Rex” – the biggest stone sculpture in Europe, reigns over the Cazanele Dunării Area from Mraconia Gulf

Places of interest, Itineraries | Monday 15 January

At the border between Romania and Serbia, in a spectacular landscape, where the Danube meets the Carpathians, “The Rock Sculpture of Decebalus” sculpted into the rocky bank, seems to defy the time from its height

The Tea House of the Queen Mary, at the foot of the Bran Castle, a real attraction for tourists

Places of interest, Itineraries | Saturday 13 January

Bran Castle, the most famous tourist attraction in Romania, in particular because of the bloody legend of Count Dracula, annually attracts thousands of tourists from around the world, fascinated by the stories of vampires, but...

Searching for rural flavors and noble wine – Moldavia

Traditions, Local products | Friday 12 January

Through its cuisine, considered one of the tastiest cuisines in Romania, Moldavia offers its guests unique dishes

“The Temple of Desires” from Șinca Veche - an ageless grotto into the middle of the forest, loaded with mystery and with beneficent energies.

Places of interest | Thursday 11 January

In a wonderful place, as if depicted from a fairy tale, between Făgăraș and Perișani Mountains, there is a rupestrian setting, entirely chopped into the stone, where phenomena that seem to surpass the normality take place

Bucharest, from the Begginings Till Nowadays

Places of interest | Wednesday 10 January

A Little History Legend says that a shepherd named Bucur settled with his sheep in a fertile plain, close to a river and founded a dwelling – which is now known as Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

Peach cookies - a delicacy for every season

Local products, Traditions | Tuesday 09 January

Everyone knows what the peaches are. But who knows what the peach cookies are? Taking into account the reputation of peaches, some woman, passionate for desserts, have created the dessert that mimics this fruit.

The most popular vegan restaurants in Bucharest that can satisfy the tastes of those wishing vegetarian, natural, healthy and nourishing foods

Places of interest | Sunday 07 January

In Bucharest there are not too many vegetarian restaurants, however, there are a few that stand out and can be highly recommended

The traditional Romanian wine, old and new varieties: Băbească Neagră, a simple and honest wine, unadulterated by experiments

Local products, Places of interest | Saturday 06 January

Băbească Neagră along with Fetească Neagră is part of the traditional Romanian varieties that have heroically resisted to the competition of the red grapes brought from abroad

The TărtăriaTablets – artefacts discovered in Transylvania, carved with signs that might represent the oldest writing in the world

Places of interest | Friday 05 January

In 1961, at Tărtăria, a group of archeologists led by Nicolae Vlassa made an epochal discovery, that would arise a lot of attention, but also controversies from Romanian and foreign researchers: three clay tablets inscribed with...

How do Romanians drink their coffee?

Local products | Thursday 04 January

If you happen to be a guest in a house of Romanians, you will definitely be offered coffee. Often a reason for friendly talks and meetings, Romanian coffee is actually brewed Turkish style...

Manasia Estate – a seventeenth century manor, a historical monument, a unique architectural jewel of Bărăgan

Places of interest | Wednesday 03 January

A land with a history of over 350 years, situated at 4 km from Urziceni, recalls the atmosphere of the aristocratic times to the eager audience of sophisticated experiences

Bucharest Cuisine – A Multicultural Experience

Local products | Tuesday 02 January

Inhabitants of Bucharest of all times have favored healthy, delicious and satisfying food. The culinary history is strongly influenced by the historic events happening to the city, and every ethnic group settling in the capital...

Timişoreana Beer – the traditional brand of the city

Local products, Business, Places of interest | Monday 01 January

The oldest brewery in Romania has almost 300 years

Spend an unforgettable New Year at Bradul Hotel, in Poiana Brașov

Places of interest, Itineraries | Sunday 31 December

Why choose Poiana Brașov to spend the winter holidays? The answer is not complicated at all: because it is the most popular and modern ski resort in Romania, visited by tourists from all over the country and abroad

The best less known ski resorts in Romania

Places of interest | Saturday 30 December

Go skiing this year in places you may not have heard of, but that might surprise you




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