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The Wooden Churches of Maramures, the perfection of the art of building in wood, UNESCO World Heritage site

Places of interest, Itineraries, Traditions | Wednesday 29 March

The Wooden Churches of Maramures, the icon of the Orthodox Christian soul, keep the essence of the unwritten history of Maramures

The Inspiration of “Made in Romania”!

Local products, Traditions | Tuesday 28 March

The ia, from hand made to digital printing, from tradition to art: Matisse, yes, Matisse, the famous French painter. Creativity, extraordinary artistic sense, embroidery, hours and hours of work, combined with dexterity,...

“Vălul Miresei” or “Bride's veil” Waterfall, discover the beauty of the Apuseni Mountains, Cluj County

Places of interest, Itineraries | Monday 27 March

68 kilometers from Cluj-Napoca one finds one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Romania. Vălul Miresei Waterfall pertains to the Răchiţele village and flows in the Apuseni Mountains

Romanian truffles

Places of interest, Local products, Business | Sunday 26 March

Discover the Romania's eco-friendly agriculture.

Blagoveștenia – the Lady Day and the annunciation of the birth of Jesus

Traditions | Saturday 25 March

The Annunciation of our Lord to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Romanian tradition

Online retailing – a niche for local investors

Business | Friday 24 March

Pioneered in Romania by the eMAG company, online retailing registers growing success in the country and the need for competitiveness on this segment is increasingly visible

The Danube: a European symbol

Places of interest, Itineraries | Thursday 23 March

The waters of the Danube flow mostly in Romania. From the total of 2860 km, as it has to travel the Danube from its source, or from the Black Forest of Germany, it has to flow for 1075 km only in Romania

Marius Matei - The Dowry Collector of Banat

Traditions | Wednesday 22 March

The Romanian women of Banat contributed consciously by their smoothness to the European Art.

“Casa Olarului” or the “The Potter's House” - a guesthouse in the heart of the ancestral Maramureș, born from the love for the village’s soul and for the pottery art, a place where the authentic art blends with the authentic life

Places of interest, Itineraries, Traditions | Tuesday 21 March

Daniel Leș is the artist who discovered the deep meanings of the pottery's art and who has thought to share it with others the experience of the clay's modelling, which has reshaped his live, made him to return to the ancestral...

Buziaş: the place of the heart, not far away from Timisoara

Places of interest, Local products | Monday 20 March

Even if an old Romanian folk song says ,, ... There are no treatments for heart diseases... ", in Buzias your heart can be treated ...

The stimulating nightlife of Cluj-Napoca

Places of interest, Events | Sunday 19 March

Cluj-Napoca has a rich offer of noteworthy venues where one can spend time in an enjoyable manner

Stuffed peppers with tomato sauce - a delicacy for anyone who is a good fork

Local products, Traditions | Saturday 18 March

Stuffed peppers are a dish preferred by many Romanians. It is so common in fact that there are few cooks who don’t know how to make it. But the addition of the sweet and sour tomato sauce makes the dish even more interesting

The Căluş- a mixture of Romanian beliefs, magic, mystery and virtuosity

Traditions | Friday 17 March

Morris dancers, a variant of Romanian Căluş present in the UK

Constantin Brancusi -the "Magic Bird" or the perfection’s unique form

Events, Itineraries | Thursday 16 March

"Brancusi’s works are concrete forms of a thinking in which reality and fantasy coexist in a harmonious synthesis."

Real estate transactions in Romania are constantly growing

Business | Wednesday 15 March

The year 2016 was one of significant real estate increases, a trend which seems to maintain the same rhythm in 2017 as well

Mugur Pop and equestrian tourism

Places of interest, Itineraries | Tuesday 14 March

Mugur Pop is a true nonconformist who refuses to live by anyone else’s rule but his own. He loves nature and that is why he gave up on city life and moved to a farm at the edge of a wood

The Potlogi Palace of Constantin Brâncoveanu - a historical monument that becomes an important tourist attraction on the axis Bucharest – Târgovişte

Places of interest | Monday 13 March

A palace of 300 years old, founded by Constantin Brâncoveanu, after a century of ruin and oblivion, opens its doors to the public

„Casa Poveste” or “The Story House” - a guesthouse in a beautiful dreamscape of Bucovina, which brings in modernity a tradition that has lasted for centuries

Places of interest, Itineraries | Sunday 12 March

Four houses from three different centuries, united in the concept of “guesthouse museum” in Câmpulung Moldovenesc, beyond the Rarău Mountains

Cotnari wines, the liquid gold of Romania

Local products, Places of interest | Saturday 11 March

Tradition. Refinement. Quality.

„Casa Capşa”- an aristocratic place of the "Little Paris" in the interwar

Places of interest | Friday 10 March

A literary café of the postwar bohemian artists society, a heritage monument and a luxury place of the Bucharest of today




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