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“The Museum of Gold” in Brad

“The Museum of Gold” in Brad, a symbolic gold-mining site of Romania, holds a unique mineralogical collection in Europe

Places of interest | Thursday 13 December

A municipality in the county of Hunedoara, the small town located in the middle of the Brad depression is certified as gold exploitation since the year 21 B.C., from Get-Dacian times

Casa Iris Restaurant - Timisoara

Casa Iris Restaurant - where you can enjoy some of the best Romanian traditional dishes

Business, Places of interest | Sunday 09 December

The house specials reveal the taste and flavor of homemade meals, spiced by the staff’s originality

The Moldoviţa Monastery, Suceava County, Bucovina

The Moldoviţa Monastery, a unique jewel in Europe

Places of interest | Friday 07 December

The Moldoviţa Monastery is one of the most beautiful places of worship in Romania. The exterior painting, which has been preserved very well, is the main attraction of the monastery.

The TărtăriaTablets

The TărtăriaTablets – artefacts discovered in Transylvania, carved with signs that might represent the oldest writing in the world

Places of interest | Wednesday 05 December

In 1961, at Tărtăria, a group of archeologists led by Nicolae Vlassa made an epochal discovery, that would arise a lot of attention, but also controversies from Romanian and foreign researchers: three clay tablets inscribed with...

Breb, Maramureș

Breb, the fairy tales village of Maramureş, rich in tradition, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Romania

Places of interest, Itineraries, Traditions | Tuesday 04 December

A small village of Maramures but rich in unique traditions and customs in Romania, is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Romania. This is the village Breb, whose rare beauty has also seduced Prince Charles, so he...


Târgu-Lăpuş - the small town in the northern part of Romania is the country’s recycling champion

Places of interest | Monday 03 December

The city that counts no more than 12 000 inhabitants and has a recycling rate 10 times higher than that registered in rest of the country

Casa de la Rosa Restaurant, Timisoara

Casa de la Rosa Restaurant – an elegant location enhancing one’s senses with international cuisine dishes, in a matchless culinary experience

Events, Places of interest, Business | Sunday 02 December

Casa de la Rosa Restaurant – the menu has Romanian, Hungarian and international specials based on chicken, pork, veal, as well as fish and seafood or delicious homemade desserts

Biertan - an UNESCO village in Transylvania

Biertan – the village where a single divorce was registered in 300 years

Places of interest, Itineraries | Saturday 01 December

In addition to its inclusion to the UNESCO heritage list, the Saxon village of Biertan can also pride itself with a unique achievement, that of having a single registered divorce in 300 years

Lake Bucura - The Retezat Mountains

Lake Bucura – the largest glacial lake in Romania

Places of interest | Thursday 29 November

The trails in the Retezat Mountain are especially beautiful because they are scattered with “blue eyes”. One of these eyes is Lake Bucura

Retrievers Camp 2018 - Fagaraș County

Retrievers Camp 2018 - a different kind of trip

Places of interest, Business | Wednesday 28 November

An unusual event in Romania, the Retrievers Camp is, as the name suggests, a camp for Golden and Labrador Retrievers, where dogs of this breed and their owners can spend a few days strolling through the Fagaraș County

The Gerald’s Hotel - Rădăuţi, Bucovina

The Gerald’s Hotel – the perfect place to mix business with pleasure

Places of interest, Itineraries | Tuesday 27 November

If you are planning a business trip to Romania, why not stay at the luxurious Gerald’s Hotel in Rădăuţi

The Thesaurus winery

The Thesaurus winery – born from the passion of those who chose this beautiful corner of Banat, to create wines that are the mirror of a unique context that perfectly blends wine vocation and history, investing their knowledge in a project full of ambition

Places of interest, Business | Wednesday 21 November

The Thesaurus Winery perfectly embodies the current trend in wine production in Romania. Small wineries with a certain specificity, usually emphasizing quality over quantity

Capitol Hotel, Bucharest

Capitol Hotel – a history of over 100 years in the heart of Bucharest

Places of interest | Tuesday 20 November

One of the most amazing historical hotels in Bucharest –the former “Louvre House”, a name taken from the store located on its ground floor, and subsequently becoming “Louvre Hotel” – lies, with its Parisian flavor, on one of the...

Rasnov Citadel - Brasov County

Râşnov Citadel– a must see destination in Romania

Places of interest, Itineraries | Monday 19 November

One of the oldest and best preserved citadels in Romania, built in the 13th century in order to protect Transylvanian villages from foreign invasions

Royal Court, Targoviste

“Curtea Domnească” (the Royal Court) in Târgovişte - the residence of the Wallachian rulers more than three centuries

Places of interest, Itineraries | Thursday 15 November

Curtea Domnească Târgovişte, former residence of several Romanian rulers from Ţara Românescă – Wallachia -, today is an important museum complex, opened for the tourist circuit. It is a monumental ensemble composed of several...

Unirii Square Timisoara

The most beautiful squares in Timisoara, inside and outside the city walls

Places of interest, Itineraries | Monday 12 November

The Unirii Square, with its Baroque expression, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful squares of the city, dominated by the Catholic Cathedral and Serbian Orthodox Cathedral placed opposite to each other.

Biofresh in Timisoara - CuGust. Ghidul gastronomic din Banat

Biofresh - the only restaurant with an exclusive vegetarian and Raw Vegan menu in Timisoara

Places of interest, Business | Sunday 11 November

Biofresh - an explosion of taste and flavor in a multitude of vegetarian and RAW-Vegan dishes, plenty of freshly squeezed fruit juice shakes and an entire display of desserts without flour, dairy, gluten and sugar

Witches Marsh - Boldu Forest

Witches Marsh, the place where presumably Dracula was killed

Places of interest | Saturday 10 November

Witches Marsh is one of the mystical places in Romania. Witches gather there from all over the world for casting spells and it is believed that it was the place where Dracula was beheaded

Trufitourism in Romania

Trufitourism in Romania

Events, Places of interest | Friday 09 November

Experience the outdoors and learn about truffles!

Herculane Baths – the oldest spa town in Romania

Herculane Baths – the oldest spa town in Romania step by step with history

Places of interest, Itineraries | Tuesday 06 November

The spas, rich in hot springs since Dacian times, are located on an ancient volcanic fissure in the south-west of the country, a part of the “Domogled – Cerna Valley” National Park




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