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“The Temple of Desires” from Șinca Veche - an ageless grotto into the middle of the forest, loaded with mystery and with beneficent energies.

In a wonderful place, as if depicted from a fairy tale, between Făgăraș and Perișani Mountains, there is a rupestrian setting, entirely chopped into the stone, where phenomena that seem to surpass the normality take place

“The Temple of Desires” from Șinca Veche

“The Temple of Desires” from Șinca Veche

Along time, the mysterious setting has received several names: “The Temple of Fate”, “The Temple of Prayers Fulfillment”, “The Monastery Dug into Stone”, “Șinca Veche Grotto”. Even the name of “The Aliens‘ Temple” was given to the place, because of a series of bizarre phenomena that took place there. 

The Temple could not be dated with precision, but it seems that it might be over 7000 years old. The Monastery, as an orthodox place of worship, exists since around 1742. Many people come in pilgrimage here, looking for special spiritual spaces: pilgrims, spiritual persons, believers, but also a lot of archaeologists, speleologists, dowsing scientists that want to study the place and the paranormal, curious phenomena that are happening here. 

The Architecture is somehow bizarre, and the interior has worship elements from several ages and from diverse areas of the world. This setting consists of nine shrines and worship rooms, with curious sculptures. The first room resembles a church with an arch-like ceiling, scooped into the middle, where the sunlight rays enter and spread into the whole room. 

The second room has an interior tower, 10 m high, which catches the light through a window placed above and the light comes directly on the altar. The legends say that beneficent energies enter in that way. Here there are symbols like David’s Star or the Yin-Yang Clepsydras.

Over the time, stories and legends were created about this mysterious place and there also are a lot of persons who passed by and told about some strange events that they witnessed. It is said that if you pray with devotion and faith your wishes can come true or you can find out your fate.

The beneficent energies, that arise from inside and also from around the setting, help the recovery of suffering organisms. It seems that even the grass around the temple is full of positive energies and the milk of the cows, that are feeding themselves from it, is more tasty and healthier. Some people further their presumptions into the paranormal area, stating that this temple would be a gate for communicating with beings from other dimensions.  

Elena Radu




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