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Averesti Wine - designed to be famous since birth

Avereşti wine, so special because of the place where the grapes are grown, offers a wide range of white wines

Averesti Wine

Averesti Wine

The Averesti Wine Cellar was built in 1874, the same year that the first vines were planted on the estate of Stefan Negrutzi. Averesti Wine is so special because of the place where the grapes are grown, namely, in the north-east of Romania, an area at a high altitude that receives a lot of sun. The cool climate and the soil also contribute to the creation of the dry, slightly sparkling wine that is so typical of Averesti. In this area, the temperatures are high during the daytime and low after night fall, which makes for the acids in the wine to burn slowly. This creates acidic wines even during the years with less water fall.


Averesti wines are young wines. The grapes are harvested around the date of 20 September, when they are mature and have a moderate content of sugar, while the bottling and delivery starts with the first winter month.


When the vineyard was first created, a French horticulturist, Rene Faure, was brought in to manage it. Besides Romanian breeds, like Huși Zghihara, Feteasca regală and Feteasca alba, he also planted some French breeds like Cabernet Sauvignon and Aligoté. Faure also created the first irrigation system in the country on the estate, in order to ensure a high production every year. Averesti wines have been famous ever since they first started being made. People had heard of them all the way to Vienna, as Stefan Negrutzi presented them at every social occasion he had the chance. To this day, the wine breeds Averesti produces are still the ones that were produced in the beginning. Here is a brief description of them.


The Husi Zghihara is the most acidic Romanian wine, and is slightly tangy like freshly picked apples. The Dry Feteasca Regala is also slightly tangy, but finer than Zghihara. It is a wonderful party wine. The Semi-Dry Feteasca Regala is fine and elegant. Its unique character is given by the slight aroma of vine flower. The Semi-Sweet Feteasca Regala is a very balanced wine with a rich and fresh bouquet. Lastly, the Cuvee-Ave is a mixture of Feteasca alba and Feteasca regala with a floral taste.



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