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Lunca Pogănișului– a protected area in Banat

The mottled tulip, the village of Berini and other wonders ... just a few steps from Timisoara

Lunca Poganisului - The Mottled Tulip

Lunca Poganisului - The Mottled Tulip

The map, available online, shows us the small distance between the city of Timisoara and Lunca Pogănișului: less than an hour! A place yet to be discovered, a place yet to be explored, almost lost in the green plains of the Banat and in the villages tranquility that appear when the sounds of the city are moving away ....

Lunca Pogănișului worth a visit especially to see how is the nature in areas where there is neither sea nor mountains. There is just plain, the river Pogăniş, a tributary of the Timiş river, and an area of ​​75.5 hectares, where nature has been very generous and gave men an unusual flower, perhaps unique ... A rare tulip: the mottled tulip (fritillaria meleagris)...

The flower does not grow in an isolated, but can be found in the green fields or in the nearby woods of oak, cherries, apples and wild pears. The uniqueness of the place drove the Romanian authorities to include the Lunca Pogănișului in the arias protected by law, but the mottled tulip, due to its rarity, became quickly the trader’s target.

Near the area became nature reserve, there is the village Berini, a fresco of the regional architecture and tradition. The houses are typical traditional village of Banat, and people are willing to tell guests the stories of their village, of their families but also about the traditions that should be preserved. In Berini, the first thing is seen is the church ... On the gray walls, is written with large numbers: 1975. A special and interesting architecture, which makes it seem from a distance a paper building.

A local tells how much they wanted people to have their own church and how they have worked to build it. First, there was a place of worship built in wood, but was moved to another place. At the same time, people of Berini has a large collection of traditional clothes that can be seen only for feast days. In those moments, the village is full of colors thanks to the beauty of the traditional clothing, a heritage inherited from parents or grandparents.The prosperity of a family is visible on the necklaces of coins that young girls wear on the forehead or neck.

While the visitor discovers the village streets, he can we see how the inhabitants are delighted that in their area grows the mottled tulip. At the top of the houses, it painted this flower that symbolizes the uniqueness of the place. And then it opens again the plain with its vegetation, with its mottled tulip ... Rare ... Perhaps unique ...  


Foto: Monica Vlad

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