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Ghica Tei Palace - a historical monument, located on a vast domain near Lake Plumbuita in Bucharest

Today, the whole Ghica Domain - Ghica Palace, Wine Cellar, Gardens, Garrison, Cavalry Annexes - hosts an impressive center for cultural, social, charity events, for parties, launches, business meeting, opened to those who want to have a wonderful time in a picturesque setting full of history

Ghica Tei Palace, Bucharest

Ghica Tei Palace, Bucharest

Built in 1822 by the Ruler Grigore Dimitrie Ghica, based on the project of the architect Xavier Villacrosse, in a neo-classical Italian style, Ghica Palace was originally the summer residence of the voivode. Unique, compared to other buildings of its kind from those days, for the vastness of the green spaces, gardens and courtyard, the Ghica Domain stretching over an area of 11,000 sq.

Another interesting element is the refuge tunnel that links the palace with Plumbuita Monastery. Two impetuous eagles, made by stone, guard the entrance to the courtyard where secular linden trees line the alleyways, impressing by their height. The exterior trim, the reliefs and sculptures prove a particular architectural refinement. The interior, consists of spacious lounges, bears the imprint of the Italian painter Giacometti.

The ceilings decorated with mythological scenes, allegorical characters and vegetal motifs still retains the scent of the old times. Two monumental staircases, from solid wood, which seem to embrace the entrance, link the ground floor with the upper storey. The lawn behind the palace opens a wonderful visual perspective toward the Tei Lake.

On a marble plaque placed on the palace wall, there is the following text: „Built, starting with the foundation, by the Voivode Gregore Ghica VIII, Ruler of Wallachia, on his domain Colentina, in 1822. Here was once his towering summer residence alongside that,  with the right decency, then lifted in the glory and remembrance of God, the family church dedicated to the Ascension of the Lord and adorned it with beautiful gifts, by his big and steadfast will.”

Ghica Tei Church - an uniqueness, through its round shape, through its architecture, different from the Byzantine style

In 1833, Ghica family began the construction of a church on the Ghica Domain, near the palace. Made by master builder Joseph Weltz, after the planes of the architect Xavier Villacrosse in Italian neoclassical style, the church is distinguished by its round shape and the exit from the patterns of the Byzantine style. The cupola, adapted to particularly architectural plan of the church, also has its uniqueness. A rich decorative art adorns the church, performed by Giacometti, the same who painted the palace.

Ghica Tei Palace - becomes a picturesque place for spending the free time and for the realization of special events

In „The  testament of His Highness, in remembrance of  Grigore Ghika Voivode for the Colentina Domain from year 1833”, written in Greek, the Ruler requires the future generations to conserve the establishment for „the innocent pleasure and the pleasant spend of the people”.

Now, the whole Ghica Domain - Ghica Palace, Wine Cellar, Gardens, Garrison,  Cavalry Annexes - hosts an impressive cultural, social, charity events center, for parties, launches, business meeting, opened to those who want to spend beautiful in a picturesque setting full of history.  


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