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Banffy Castle in Rascruci - Transylvania

Noble Transylvanian families and their lavish residences - The Banffy Family

Places of interest | Saturday 24 July

Transylvania boasts castles and citadels that bear the marks of the times they underwent and the traces of their former glory

Kendeffy Castle - Sântămăria Orlea, Hunedoara County

Noble Transylvanian families and their lavish residences: Kendeffy Family

Places of interest, Itineraries | Friday 23 July

This old family used to own some of the most beautiful edifices in Transylvania which have now become historical monuments

The “Piatra Scrisă” or the Engraved Rock Monastery

“Piatra Scrisă” (Engraved Rock) Monastery: one of the most interesting places in Romania

Places of interest, Itineraries | Thursday 22 July

On the national road, somewhere near Caransebes City, a church carved out of rock is located. The locals believe its story to be a miracle...

Museum Bed & Breakfasts in Romania

Museum Bed & Breakfasts in Romania

Places of interest | Tuesday 20 July

Romania has so many beauties that are hidden and protected from the agitation of city life. They are places where time has stood still, where people are in touch with nature and the simple but authentic pleasures in life

Murfatlar Wines

Murfatlar Wines - discover the golden beverage of Dobrogea

Places of interest, Local products | Monday 19 July

The high quality of the wines produced at the Murfatlar Vineyard is due to the history and tradition of wine production in the Dobrogea Region

The Romanian National Art Museum, Bucharest

The Romanian National Art Museum hosted by the Royal Palace of Bucharest

Places of interest | Sunday 18 July

Built in 1937 under the reign of King Carol II, the Romanian National Art Museum is a marvellous monumental building that symbolizes the centre of the monarchical power in Romania

St. Michael's Church - Cluj Napoca

"St. Michael’s" Church in Cluj-Napoca

Places of interest | Saturday 17 July

One of the most beautiful gothic buildings in Romania

Map and Old Book Museum in Bucharest

The Map and Old Book Museum in Bucharest presents the authentic history of the world

Places of interest | Friday 16 July

We propose a visit a museum, the only one of its kind in Romania, which has exhibited maps of the Ottoman Empire, the Mediterranean Sea, parts of Europe and also of Romania

Meziad Cave - Apuseni Mountains, Bihor County

Meziad Cave - The underground gothic cathedral

Places of interest | Thursday 15 July

One of the most beautiful caves in Romania is Meziad Cave, which is similar to an underground gothic cathedral.

Trajan's Bridge over the Danube - Drobeta-Turnu Severin

Trajan's Bridge over the Danube

Places of interest, Itineraries | Tuesday 13 July

When the train passes near the Danube, near the city of Drobeta-Turnu Severin, it’s impossible that the traveler does not see the ruins of the bridge built over the Danube by Apolodor of Damascus.

Averesti Wine

Averesti Wine - designed to be famous since birth

Places of interest | Monday 12 July

Avereşti wine, so special because of the place where the grapes are grown, offers a wide range of white wines

Ialomița Cave and Ialomița Monastery, Bucegi Mountains

Ialomița Cave and Ialomița Monastery - a perfect symbiosis between nature and spirit, an important tourist attraction in the Bucegi Mountains

Places of interest | Sunday 11 July

Cave and monastery in the same place full of beneficent energies and natural beauties

Coandă 1910 by Henri Coandă

Henri Coanda - a Romanian inventor who built the first jet aircraft in the world

Places of interest | Saturday 10 July

"Coandă 1910", "Lenticular Aerodyne", "Coandă 1916" are just some of the projects of the man who was the inventor Coandă Effect

Bragadiru Palace - Bucharest

Fairytale palaces and boyar houses in Bucharest: Bragadiru Palace, over 100 years since its foundation

Places of interest | Thursday 08 July

The city of Bucharest has many palaces and boyar houses that were declared historical monuments – each has a story that influenced the buildings which became offices for institutions, private residences, leisure places or centers...

Ghighiu Monastery, Ploiesti

Ghighiu Monastery - a benefic space, a place of pilgrimage and introspection near Ploiesti

Places of interest | Sunday 04 July

Built four centuries ago, in the middle of Codrii Vlasiei, the monastery attracts visitors from the entire country, being renowned for its miracle-working icon and for its healing water spring

Transylvania Train

Transylvania Train - the first tourist train in Romania

Places of interest, Itineraries | Saturday 03 July

Similar to the Orient Express concept, but on a much smaller scale, Transylvania Train represents a touristic experience that takes place only once a year and involves a circuit focused on the beauties of Transylvania

Zamfira Monastery

Zamfira Monastery – a church on the valley of Teleajan and the saga of a unique painting, a mural by NicolaeGrigorescu

Places of interest, Itineraries | Friday 02 July

The two churches of Zamfira Monastery tell their stories one that began in the 18th century and the other that began in the 19th century

Mraconia Monastery, Danube’s Cauldrons

Located in a magnificent place, where the Carpathians meet the Danube and give birth to the wonder called “La Cazane” (the Danube’s Cauldrons), Mraconia Monastery stands guard over the border, completing the sublime landscape with the spiritual offering of

Places of interest | Sunday 27 June

The tourists who reach Mraconia Valley near the Ogradena Veche town may admire the monastery, which rises to the sky, a spectacular show by the water

“The Temple of Desires” from Șinca Veche

“The Temple of Desires” from Șinca Veche - an ageless grotto into the middle of the forest, loaded with mystery and with beneficent energies.

Places of interest | Friday 25 June

In a wonderful place, as if depicted from a fairy tale, between Făgăraș and Perișani Mountains, there is a rupestrian setting, entirely chopped into the stone, where phenomena that seem to surpass the normality take place

The Săvârşin Castle from Arad County

Săvârşin Castle, owned by the royal family of Romania

Places of interest | Wednesday 23 June

The Săvârşin Castle, from Arad County, is an important historical site and the favorite of the Romanian royal family




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